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    999pts Need critique

    1 Paladin @ 119 Pts
    Enchanted Shield
    Heartwood Lance

    1 Paladin Battle Standard Bearer @ 104 Pts
    Gromril Great Helm

    1 Damsel of the Lady @ 130 Pts
    Magic Level 2
    Dispel Scroll

    22 Men-at-Arms @ 137 Pts
    Full command

    10 Peasant Bowmen @ 70 Pts

    5 Knights of the Realm @ 144 Pts
    Full command

    5 Knights Errant @ 121 Pts
    Full command

    5 Mounted Yeomen @ 82 Pts

    1 Field Trebuchet @ xxx Pts

    Total Army Cost: 997


    Only one unit of fast cav, is it enough? Would idealy like to run two.
    Trebuchet instead of Grail Knights at this point level?
    Is 10 bowmen enough? Is there any point in even putting 10 down?
    Pegasus Knights, Grail Relique and Grail Knights are not viable at this point level it would seem...

    I'm used to play 2K+ games so not sure what sort of composition I need for smaller lists.

    All help and ideas appreciated!

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    Your list looks pretty cool. I use lances of nine but I am seeing more and more that lances should be six instead. That option that presents is more units to actually get the charge off. Presently I am helping my daughter play therefore I have not been able to experiment with the smaller units. I also dont play the smaller lists because it is usually a thrown together idea to help someone out. Sorry I can not be of more help. Using our artillery you will get good at range guessing.

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