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    The Hunting Host [1k Starter force]

    Paladin (general)
    Grail Vow
    Virtue of Knightly Temper
    Barded Warhorse
    Lance + Shield
    - Total - 141

    Paladin (bsb)
    Virtue of Duty
    Barded Warhorse
    Gromril Great Helm
    - Total - 138

    8 Knights of the Realm (BSB here)
    Full Command
    War Banner
    - Total - 241

    10 Peasant Bowmen
    Villein + Musician
    - Total - 80

    3 Pegasus Knights
    Full Command
    - Total - 195

    4 Grail Knights (General here)
    Full Command
    Twilight Banner
    - Total - 207

    Total - 998

    How's it look? I like the +4 static combat res on my KotR. But my main concern is that The Pegasus Knights and Grail Knights take too many points away from my list, since I only have 1 block of reliable Knights. However, the flavor of my army is a quick/elite unit of traveling knights that burst out from hiding places to shatter scouting parties and small warbands. But flavor and fluff doesn't mean much if you never win...

    Advice appreciated, DK

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