Hi all,

Am new to the forums and playing WHFB, I did used to play under old 5th edition rules, and I think I did a little of 6th(can't really remember/keep track of editions.) Anyway recently went round to a mates house with all his models on display and its kicked up an urge for me to start again. Annoyingly I have somehow lost all my old models so would be starting from scratch collecting wise, and wanted to try to get my head round a list before I started buying stuff

Anyway, here it is for your critique

LORD, barded warhorse, Virtue of Confidence, Lance of artois, Gromril great helm, Gauntlet of the duel. 224 pts
BSB Paladin Wyrmlance, Virtue of the Duty, 124pts
Damsel , warhorse, dispel scroll, chalace of malfleur, 125pts
Damsel, Warhorse, Silver Mirror, 120 pts
Paladin, Heavy armour, enchanted shield, virtue of empathy, 80 pts
Total Characters 673
7 x Knights of the realm, full command, war banner 217 one damsel and lord here
8 x Knights errant, full command, erranty banner 201 BSB here
6 x Knights errant full command 141pts
24 x men at arms, full command, polearms 147 pts foot paladin here
15 Skirmish Bowmen 105 pts
Total Core: 790
5 Mounted Yeomen 75
4 pegasus knights, full command 250
5 Grail Knights pts 190 one damsel here

I wanted a Paladin in the M@A to make them a bit punchier and actually a unit worth throwing in a fight, also makes it a bit different
Anyway, I am open to your critisism!