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    1000 Point Brets Newbie

    Damsel of the Lady – 104
    Chalice of Melfeur; Barded Warhorse

    Paladin – 120
    BSB; Royal Pegasus; Banner of Chalons

    Knights of the Realm – 160
    6x; Standard Bearer

    Knights Errant – 134
    6x; Standard Bearer

    Grail Knights – 235
    5x; SB; Banner of Twilight

    Pegasus Knights – 160

    Mounted Yeomen – 82
    5x; Musician

    I wanted to go for a lot of mobility on this list. With the Flying Circus and Yeomen and the Twilight Banner on the powerhouse of the GK I think it has some good options in a fight.

    The general tactic would be to have the flying circus (pegasus knights) take out Warmachines (or in some cases my opponent I will face *WoC* likes to have his wizards alone) and then support other units with flank charges or deal with weak units.

    Yeomen can either take out characters by themselves, warmachine hunt, or bait and flee to allow me better charges with the knights.

    all C&C welcome because I will be buying this list very soon so I want it to be good / competitive.

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    Ok, the BSB can't have the morning star, he isn't allowed any additional equipment, so no shields, morning stars, lances, great weapons etc.

    mmm, on the whole this is ok. I don't think the Morning Star of Francasse is that useful an Item, it is situational, only works 50% of the time, and then only if the character has a magic weapon. For the points its just too expensive. If you are going anti character consider instead the Lance of Artois, though in this points I probably wouldn't spend the points. As for the armour, I'd go a lot cheaper and instead get something like an enchanted shield or something.

    The battle standard and the unit of errants is good, I agree with the whole 6+ combat res as a crucial thing to do. I am less of a fan of this in errants with the banner tho, its just a lot of points and power in one unit you could sometimes not have control over. Is a personal opinion tho and not the greatest burden.

    The damsel is fine for magic defense. the yeomen will work in a warmachine hunting capacity. You can use them for bait and fleeing as well, thats all fine.

    I would consider dropping either the warbanner or DS, the morning star and the armour, and you can actually up the KoTR up to 8, and then you have 2 big hard hitting lances. The grails are fine but I always think slightly too much for this size game. powerful tho.

    Not bad, I quite like the list as a whole. Just beware spending too much on characters


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