So we are starting a warband campaign with some friends. Of whom one is playing with brettonnia (the others play Empire, Dwarfs, Lizardmen and Goblins).

Now is this friend pretty new to the game, and I thought about helping him since Ive been playing wood elfs for some time now (I am new to lizardmen though ) But I couldnt think up a good 200 pts list for the brettonians. That is probably because I dont understand their playstyle good enough to make suchs a small list.

And therefor I ask your help, I know this is another annoying 'help my build an armylist' thread, but I ask you to help me out anyway!

So these are the restrictions:

~200pts (195 to 205 for example, but only if there is no way to get closer to 200 without changing the entire list)

max of 2 characters with a combined value of no more than 150
normal restrictions when it comes to min/ max amount of units (0-1 knights of the realm for example)
no special/ rare units

at least 3 models per unit when US per model is 1
at least 2 models per units when US per model is 2
at least 1 model per unit when US per model is >3

What is the way to go then?

Thanks in advance!