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    First time 7th Edition + 1000 Pt Army

    I have just got back into WHFB and am going to have my first battle with the new 7th edition rules & models!!! It's also my first ever 1000 point game (previously played games at 500 pts)

    This is my current list (I know my opponent quite well as i used to battle with him often so I've tried to create a list knowing the majority of his army)

    He will be bringing Lizardmen to the table with about 40+ skinks, a Stegadon (using as rare- not sure if that means its ancient?) and the rest will be Sauras warrios + Hero (No sallys, no lords, no terradons, Krox or Cold Ones) we have both agreed no magic (magic weapons & Items allowed just no casters) for this battle as we are a little rusty with the rules etc so its just a friendly one

    Paladin General
    Virtue of Herosim
    Armour of Agiluf
    Antlers of the Great Hunt 168 Points

    *This is my Stegadon killer, then once the Dino is out the way he will join up with some KOTR

    Paladin BSB
    Banner of the Lady
    Virtue of Duty 204 Points

    *The BSB will join another unit of KOTR and these will hopefully break the big Saurus unit im expecting!

    2x 5 KOTR With FC 288 Points

    *Used to double Charge unit of Sauras or one each if my opponent brings two, BSB will join one from start, General will join other once the Big Brute is out the way

    10 Bowmen with Villein + Musician (Light Armour, Skirmish) 90 Points

    10 Bowmen With Villein (Light Armour, Skirmish) 85 Points

    *The Bowmen will hopefully counter the mass horde of Skinks i'll encounter!

    3 Peg Knights 165 Points

    *Flank Charges and possibly skinks?

    If i calculated everything correctly it should be 1000 Pts exact, Just looking for ways to improve it or how i should play this army against the opponents, I had a spare 5 points so give one unit of Bowmen a Musician, also i weren't sure to include the Peg Knights (maybe get more KOTR instead?).

    If you get this far thanks and hope I've done a good job describing everything as I'm a Noob with the forum

    When the hare is spotted by the eagle, it's life is over. When my lance is lowered, my enemy is already dead.

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    So this is an old post, hope the battle went well for you. Here's a few comments:

    - The paladin monster hunter might benefit from a Knight Errant escort, to provide some extra attacks/resistance to psychology on the charge.
    - I'd be suprised if bowmen were very effective against skinks, as they are numerous, relatively cheap, and likely skirmish. Knights would do better to mop them up.

    I'd be interested in hearing how it went, I haven't played the new lizardmen yet, and one of my buddies is starting them.

    - Koosh
    Arena of Death Champion: Nexim of the Guldskullz Tribe. Fear my wrath!

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