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    1500 points allied with 1500 points of Dark Elves

    Hi Brettonian players!

    Me and some friends are putting together an allied battle: 1500 points of O&G and WE vs. 1500 points of DE and Brets (odd team up - I know!).

    Anyway, my brettonian ally is a complete warhammer rookie, so I have promised to help him put together his 1500p list, since I am much more experienced with the game mechanics.

    Below is my Dark Elf list. I would like some advice on a good complimenting 1500p brettonia list. (must include at least some magic defence!)


    Death Hag w Cauldron
    Master BSB on foot w Soulrender and Pendant of Khaeleth (with Black Guard)
    Assassin w rending stars and manbane
    2x5 Dark Riders with rxb and musician
    2x5 harpies
    18 strong Black Guard with ASF Banner and Crimson Death for the towermaster
    8 shades with great weapons
    War Hydra

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    Love the shades with great weapons, especially if thats where the assasin is going and dark riders are excellent. But im making this sound too much like the DE forum so as for brets....

    Id tell him to go with some bigger blocks of the cheap stuff. Your army has lots of fun packed in but i think you need 3 or so more big beefy units to slam away at what is sure to be big blocks of orks. So id go with 2-3 or so big units of KOTR or Kights errant to add some beef to the list. They arent the most awsome unit but they should work well with the more skirmishy dark elf stuff you have. Plus the hydra should draw some of the shooting away from your big blocks.

    Id think about someone getting a scroll caddy in, brets tend to be better with the dispell phase than DE so stick a damsel in one of the big block units.

    Also a trebucet is nice for those big blocks of orks.

    I see a problem being getting at WE skirmishers or groups in woods, i dont see a ton in the list that can go after them

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