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    20 (x1)

    2500 All comers 8th ed

    General - Lord, Virtue of Heroism, Heartwood Lance, Armor of Agilauf, barded warhorse
    Prophetess, L4, Verdant Heart (Life), warhorse
    Paladin - BSB, virtue of duty, warbanner, barded warhorse
    Damsel - L2 (Life)

    KR (6), champ, musician
    KE (9), FC, errantry banner (BSB goes here)
    KE (9), FC
    3x (10) Bowmen, braziers, stakes (2x5 formation)
    (30) men-at-arms, full command, polearms (damsel on foot goes here)

    (5) Mounted Yeoman, musician
    (3) Peg Knights (musician)

    (7) grail knights, FC, ranger banner (no difficult terrain tests) (general, prophetess?)

    I think this is a balanced list. L4 & L2 to buff units and provide magic resistance/defense, general kitted to whack any big beasties. fast cav/flyers to harrass enemy war machines and lone mages/fast cav, trebuchets/archers to soften up horde infantry and enemy bunker war machines. Hopefully reduce enough ranks to remove steadfast on the knight charge.

    Bretonnian FAQ did not address treb strength so I'm taking the 5(10) for now! Other thoughts - Should I put the prophetess in a different unit that will be in less danger? With a L4 & L2 should I try and work a scroll in there? Not sure what to drop. Do I understand the ranger banner correctly? I.e. with TLOS my grail knights can see another unit through a forest and then charge (hopefully 8+2d6 gets me through) and I don't have to take a dangerous terrain test. No movement penalties in 8th right?

    Comments welcome. Thanks.

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    320 (x8)

    About forest, you are correct (i think :p)

    Downgrading the 6 KotR to errants would give exactly enough for a dispelscroll. Im not really thrilled about the new Knight Errants to be honoust.

    Good solid list. Plenty of options, good ranged backup and several hard hitter regiments. Only magic defense might lack a (tiny) bit
    Perhaps having 1 beasts wizard in this list would be absolutely monstrous. You have several large units that would love some beasts buffing.
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