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Thread: 2000 brets

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    2000 brets

    Lord (joins questing knights)
    Questing vow
    Sword of the quest
    Gromril great helm
    Tress of isolude
    pts - 243

    lore of life
    pts - 225

    Paladin (joins grail reliquae)
    Questing vow
    Virtue of empathy
    Insigna of the quest
    Great weapon
    pts - 112

    9 Knights errant
    Full command
    Erranty banner
    pts - 221

    6 Knights of the realm
    pts - 144

    6 knights errant
    pts - 120

    6 knights errant
    pts - 120

    24 peasant bowmen
    pts - 149

    8 Questing knights
    Full command
    pts - 251

    Grail reliquae
    17 extra pilgrims
    pts - 271

    pts - 90

    Total = 1946

    I have played 2 games in 8th with the bretts and so far my lord/questing knight combo has done extremely well. They have taken out a unit of hammerers with a dwarf lord and 5 khorne knights with a jugger lord. in both cases, my general butchered his general in a challenge. I will be using this combo in all my games from now on.

    The trebuchet also excelled, killing half a unit of dwarf warriors in one shot and some chaos warriors, before being targetted and killed in turn two by both opponents. Since those games i have dropped my grail knights in favour of more core knights, dropped the men at arms and the pegasi (for now) in favour of the grail relique. I will be keen to see how it performs.

    I pose some questions for all you veterans out there:

    1) I have 55 points left in the list. What should i add?
    2) What banners from the rule book are good for questing knights?
    3) How should i protect my prophetess, where should i put her and does she need a scroll?
    4) Should i split the bowmen up into 2x12?
    5) Do my small Kotr units need any command?
    6) What should i add to take the list to 2250 and higher?

    Comments and criticism are welcome.

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