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    2500 point balanced list

    lords 25% 574

    General,Bret lord,grail vow,royal peg,virtue of heroism,armour of agiluf,heartwood lance

    Prophetess,lvl4,barded warhorse,silver mirror (lore of life)

    Heroes 25% 233

    Paladin,bsb,Gromril great helm,the Wyrmlance

    Damsel,barded warhorse,dispel scroll (lore of beasts) signature spell

    Core 25% 740

    30x Men at Arms,standard,musician

    10x Bowmen,braziers

    9x Knights Errant,full com. ,Errantry banner

    10x Knights of the Realm,full com. ,warbanner (prophetess,paladin)

    Special 50% 426

    8x Questing Knights,full com.

    3x Pegasus Knights,musician

    Rare 25% 524

    1x Trebuchet

    1x Trebuchet

    8x Grail Knights,full com. ,banner of chalons (damsel)

    total : 2497

    plan is too have all my knights on one side if i can and all my peasants on the otherside with my one unit of grail knights to give them leadership .and my goal is to just tie them up on the peasant heavy side buffing the men at arms with the sig beast spell and mopping up everything on the knights side then swing around and help finish up the other side.general is my monster killer/hero killer he is a glass cannon so hopefully i can get those killing blow 6s,and i got 2 dispell scrolls and 2 mages so decent magic def over all ,peg knights can fly over the army and take out warmachines and do rear charges with a bus in the front. tell me what u think i tried to get one of every knight unit just cause it sounds fun plus ive seen questing knights do good things in 8th edition.

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    You have a pretty good list, my only comment would be to break up a couple of the larger units to give one or two 6 man Knight units for supporting charges.

    12 KoR is a little difficult to run and you have some knights that won't attack on the charge. Try taking 3 from them and three from the KE unit to make a second KoR unit. This will give you another unit, another champion (free) and these small support units do not need a standard bearer, since they will charge together with another unit. I have found in 8th it is critical to hit units with at least 2 6-man units, or better yet, a 6-man and a 9-man unit together. Our small front allows that and that will give you 16 knight attacks and 12 horse attacks.

    Another trick I have found to work (not by strategic thinking, though) is to eliminate one GK from the unit, so you run with only two in the last rank. That last middle guy does not attack anyway and for some reason my opponent sees it as a smaller unit and does not concentrate everything to kill it and it saves some points to add a couple other KEs. Your Damsel will still be protected in the back and I find GKs do not suffer from the loss of the 3rd rank for CR - they kill enough to make up for it.

    Also, your BSB cannot take a lance, since he can only replace stuff he already has - get a good sword for him!

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