Ive been using this list a lot recently and found it quite fun and relatively competitive. Thought I'd be nice and share!

virtue of empathy
Questing vow
Sword of the quest
Gromril great helm
Initiative boost potion thing from the rulebook

Damsel lvl 2 with prayer icon

BSB virtue of duty, warbanner

Damsel lvl 1, horse, chalice of malfleur

50 maa full command
8 kotr banner of swiftness and full command
20 Bowmen with Braziers
20 Bowmen with Braziers
20 Bowmen with Braziers

The lord and level 2 go in the maa unit and she takes lore of life.
The BSB and the lvl 1 go in the kotr unit and she takes beasts.

Tactics wise throw the maa down as the centre try and hold this getting into combat to protect the archers but not too soon. Try to take out one of the flanks of the enemy with the knights and then barrel towards the centreto help out the men at arms. The playstyle differs on what the Lvl 2 gets but both of the damsels take the basic spell.