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    3000 competitive list

    Lords 18.7%
    Bretonnian lord 246
    Questing vow, Barded warhorse, Sword of the quest, Shield Insigna of the quest, Tress of isolude

    Prophetess 315
    Lv4, Lore of Life, Warhorse, The sliver mirror, Crown of command

    Heroes 11.7%
    Paladin 126
    Battle standard bearer, Barded warhorse, Gromril great helm, Sword of might, Shield

    Damsel 95
    Lore of Beasts, Prayer icon of quenelles

    Damsel 130
    Lore of beasts, Warhorse, Feedback scroll

    Core 32.9%
    10 Knights of the realm 264
    Champ, mus, std

    8 Knights of the realm 216
    Champ, mus, std

    6 Knights of the realm 178
    Champ, mus, std, Banner of chalons

    24 Men at arms 147
    Champ, mus, std

    18 Peasant bowmen 113

    10 Peasant bowmen 70

    Special 23.7%
    8 Questing knights 266
    Champ, mus, std, Standard of discipline

    3 Pegasus knights 165

    Grail reliquae 280
    18 Extra battle pilgrims

    Rare 12.9%
    9 Grail Knights 387
    Champ, mus, std, Banner of swiftness

    Total 2998

    The idea is that the lord goes with the questing knights to kill big/dangerous characters and units and provide ld 10. The prophetess and BSB go with the 10 man kotr unit to act as a bunker and a unit breaker. The damsels go with the men at arms and other kotr unit respectively. The grail knights act as a flanking unit.

    Main concerns are no trebuchets as i havent got the models and no real monster killer.
    These are pretty much all the models i have apart from a few characters.

    Comments and criticism welcome.

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    Change your phrophetess lore to Heavens. Everyone knows how to counter Life. Give the mounted damsel Lore of life.
    Maybe drop the unit of 6 knights to KE and give them the Gleaming Pennenat to help with the Impetous ld test.

    Also putting 2 characters in that one unit, the BSB and the Lvl4 wizard, plus it is 10 kinghts, that is a LOT of points in one spot. That is almost 700 points in a single unit. That is a bunker alright, a bunker that is going to get every WM and spell shot at it.
    Put YOur BSB with one unit of 8 Kotr and the Lvl4 Prhp with the other unit of 8 KOTR.

    Now you will have 3 lances of 8, all with characters, and 2 with magic resitance. Cut the PB skirmsihers and add more M@A. Make them a horde.

    NOt too sure about QK. They are a bit underpowered. Hit last and have standard stat line. If you must use them do so as your other flanking force opposite the grail knghits. Or try putting both on the same flank for a massive sweep. Anvil with GK, Hammer with QK. Rense and repeat.

    Other than that pretty solid list.
    "For Plunder and Women!"

    Bretonnians 7500, Empire 3300, Dwarfs 4800; Space Marines 2000, Tyranids 3000

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    this is an average list. i never play 3000+battles without bringing atleast 4 12knight trains to plow thru the bog of yor opponent,men at arms are a waste of time really. as is the grail relieque. the best point of this army is speed and cavlry. a unit of 20peasent bowmen and a trebuchet is all u really need as it will only harrase your opponent and maybe make their points worth back. if u take a lord on pegasus then make him a lone model and 2 units of 4 PKs and send em flank and general hunting and war machine hunting ,and questing knights are meh :/ if u want better horse power just go with grail knights. this way they have 4 main choices to try n go for meaning your other better guys can get to their places without getting damaged too bad and when u get the charge with your 4 trains u can pick what target to go for. my rule is, hey theres enough to go around then u have hard hitters to finish off next round along with the knights.

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