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    Junior Member twinkiethekid's Avatar
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    Dec 2010
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    2500 for basically everything

    I have a match coming up in the next month or two (friend is away at college so we have a battle to look forward to when he returns for a weekend or whatever) and he plays skaven. He said he was going to tailor a list to face my Bretonnians so this list I came up with them in mind, but I feel it is a pretty decent list to face any other armies. Please let me know what you think. I need some advise as he usually wipes me when we play 1v2 (me and another friend against him). Anywho here is what I have at the moment...

    Lords - 515 / 625

    Barded Warhorse,Shield, Heartwood Lance, Mantle of Elena, VoHeroism

    Lvl 4, Barded Warhorse, Silver Mirror, Lore of Life

    Heroes 254 / 625

    BSB, Barded Warhorse, VoDuty, Biting Blade, Dragonhelm

    Lvl 2, Prayer Icon, Lore of Beasts

    Core 625 < 1177

    11 Knights Errant (General's Unit)
    Full Command, Errantry Banner

    8 Knights of the Realm (Prophetess's Unit)
    Full Command

    8 Knights Errant (BSB's Unit)
    Full Command, Banner of Eternal Flames

    6 Knights Errant (Flanking/Support Unit)

    30 Men at Arms (Damsel's Unit)
    Standard, Musician

    12 Bowmen

    10 Bowmen

    10 Bowmen (Screen)
    Skirmishers, Braziers

    Special 370 < 1250

    6 Questing Knights (Flanking/Support Unit)
    Full Command

    3 Pegasus Knights (Warmachine Hunters/Support)

    Rare 625 < 180



    My opponent tends to bring an abomination, jezzails, plague furnace, plenty of slaves and 2 big units of clan rats, rat ogres, rattling guns, a warpfire thrower, 2 engineers, a bsb, his general being carried around by rats or something, 2 warplightning cannons, nightrunners, sensor bearers, some things that can come in anywhere and destroy any warmachines they touch, and I think a grey seer or something. pretty nasty list. My general is there in the anvil to pretty much heroic killing blow anything of interest in the enemy units they encounter. Things with flaming attacks I'm going to try to aim at the abomination. What advise to you guys have against skaven? PLEASE HELP Thanks for reading

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    i am da Wahhchief Digger's Avatar
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    320 (x8)

    Thats some tough choices to make against so much skaven nastyness.

    - How about fitting in the Wyrmlance somewhere ( gives your character flaming attacks and a breath attack)
    - You are using a questing knight unit as flank/support, while i think maybe theyre better as the anvil, while errants/KotR could support. How about making the QK 8 knights, and reducing one of your other lances to 6 to support.

    Your magic seems solid, so does your support. Enough infantry and 2 trebs. Maye bigger lances are needed against skaven, but this guy seems to focus more on eliteish rats than slave hordes.
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    Senior Member Reiko's Avatar
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    60 (x1)

    YOu have a solid list.

    Not sure what models you have, but if you ahve the ability to field multiple units of PK, do IT. They can stomp and fly behind his lines and take out all his nasty WM and archers. Not to mention any generals he hides int he back.

    Something I like, for the BSB, Take a warbanner and VIrtue of Dity, that gives you +3 CR before you charge or inflict owunds. Very good against hordes since he will have ranks.

    I personally would take the Wyrmlnace too. Also, i dont really like PB, they suck.

    If you have a GR, use it. But you must field it with the maximum amont of BP. Ask you friend if you can proxy M@A for your GR, he probably wont mind. You will be able to hold his hordes with this unit.

    Good Luck
    "For Plunder and Women!"

    Bretonnians 7500, Empire 3300, Dwarfs 4800; Space Marines 2000, Tyranids 3000

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    peasents=lose pretty much, they dont win their points back most of the time but are good for harrasment. is say take 1 treb and use point from the other to make bigger trains. i usually have 3 15knight trains as a solid core thengrail & pegusis of to the flanks for support with a unit(small) of archers with the treb to see if they can cause a wee bit of damage. plus when your opponent sees 45 knights charging straight toward their centre they start to panic which is always a bonus,especially with the likes of skave, tho it comes down to whether u have 60+horsies or not. but i guess if your playing with what u got then its good enough

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