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    Bretonnia 1500. First try. Peasant heavy.

    We play 1500 point WHFB games at the local shop.

    Here my first attempt at Brets...

    The list

    Paladin w/ Warhorse, The Wyrm Lance and Armour of Agilulf
    Paladin BSB w/ Virtue of Empathy
    Damsel Lvl 2 w/ Wizard Staff and Lore of Life

    Knights of the Realm, 9 knights w/ Full Command (Mounted paladin here)
    Kights Errant, 10 knights w/ Full Command and Errantry Banner
    Men-at-Arms, 45 men w/ Full Command (BSB here)
    Peasant Bowmen, 24 men w/ stakes (Damsel here)
    Peasant Bowmen, 24 men w/ stakes


    As you can see, I'm bettin on a quite shooty army. The KotR and MaA double-team the biggest RnF units, while the KE fearlessly charge the most terrifying target with a S6 charge. Damsels for a little magic defence and hopefully she will get something off against armies with lesser magic defence.
    Archers collaborate to take out big units (skavenslave, goblins, etc.) trebuchet for abit tougher targets.

    What do you think?

    - Dimitri

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    I am assuming you have limited models given your list. I persoanly don't favor that many archers, but I wil make a few suggestions.

    Turn the Paladon on a warhorse into a lord. GIve him the Duelist build.
    Virtue of Confidence, Grail Vow, barded Warhorse, Gromirl Great Helm, Birth Sword of Carcossonne, Shield
    If you have a PK, put your lord on that so he can quickly fly around a take ou tthe enemy general and other characters. Use the lone model from the Battle Force.

    Mount your BSB if you can.
    IF not try giving the BSB VIrtue of Duty and a Warbanner. THis gives you +3 CR before the battle even starts.

    Get rid of the Wizard staff and take a dispel scroll.

    Remember Brets Get the lance, so you can field your knights in units of 8 ( the 9th spot holds the character). Use the lance for ranks.
    THe best lances are 9 and 12; or 8 and 11 if you are using a character.

    Drop onw KOTR and make your KE unit bigger. If you mount your BSB put him with this unit and give them the errantry banner. ALso condier the Gleaming pennat to allow a rereoll on a fialed ld test. Its cheap too.

    If you have to put the BSB on foot b/c you dont have the model, then keep him with the M@A, but still use the loadout above minus the horse.
    Put the Damsel with the M@A too. SHe will give them magic restistance. Also, give the damsel the Prayer Icon of Quenelles and use it when you pray to give the M@A the blessing of the lady.

    Take only one unit of bowman w/ stakes. Braziers are good, flaming can cause fear on enmey cav, and stops regen.

    Maybe use a unit of 10-16 PB skirmishers.

    2 Trebs is GREAT. Deploy them behind your archers with the stakes to protect them from frontal charges.

    Not sure how the points will work out, but if you have to cut anything, cut the PB first. Even if you are left with only one unit of 16 or so.
    "For Plunder and Women!"

    Bretonnians 7500, Empire 3300, Dwarfs 4800; Space Marines 2000, Tyranids 3000

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