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    1000point Bretonnian Mini-Tournament List - Needs input!

    Hi, first post...

    My friend is starting a tournament amongst friends, & this is my list so far...
    There is a "comp"...

    No Lord level characters, No duplicated units (except heroes).

    * Damsel (144pts) [General]
    Barded warhorse, Dispel Scroll, Lore of Beasts, Wizard Level 2

    * Paladin (104pts) [Battle Standard Bearer]
    Gromril Great Helm, The Knight's Vow, Warhorse


    * 8 x Knights Errant (196pts) [Damsel here]
    Cavalier, Musician, Standard Bearer - Standard of Discipline

    * 8 x Knights of the Realm (226pts) [Paladin here]
    Gallant, Musician & Standard Bearer - Banner of Eternal Flame


    * 4 x Pegasus Knights (230pts)
    Gallant, Musician


    * Field Trebuchet (100pts)
    Yeomen Craftsman
    = 1000 points

    What do you guys think?
    I will be playing against, Tomb Kings, Orcs & Dark Elves.

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    986 (x8)

    You pretty much know what TKs and O&Gs will bring to the table, but DEs could bring a ton of missle fire that could be annoying...

    Anyway, there are just a couple things I see that I might change:

    1. Drop 1 PK - I field 3 and they work just as good as four. And, they could get in one line and get all three attacks in on most frontages
    2. Drop the craftsman on the Treb - he is really useless and if the enemy gets to the Treb the 1 point of ld is not going to help much.
    3. Drop the barding on the Damsel - although it is not much, she should be buried and protected by the knights.
    4. With the points saved I would add a unit of Men at Arms just to help guard some knightly flanks - plus, it gets another unit on the table for pretty cheap, which can be a real benefit in small games. You should be able to save about 70 points, which should get you a unit of 12 - it's not much help, but any attack to them is one not on your knights and they can hit an enemy flank, if available.

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