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Thread: The Basics

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    The Basics + Bret 2000 pt tourn army

    First a little SB E-Mail...

    Now then, I've noticed that there are really 2 strategies when it comes to this army. Cav armies, and shooty peasent armies. The biggest point of balance that I've found is the number of models that I have on the board. It's as easy to bring down any one knight in the army, and so keeping the high numbers in the core helps out a lot. Many people down the peasents, but there will never be a game in which I will not take at least 20 MAA, and 10 archers. Why? Because I can deploy these cheap units first and get a feel for where my opponent is setting up.

    On the GW site they have their examples of magical items combo's that can be fielded on characters, the one that I feel I get the most bang for my buck with is the Vir of Confidence, and the Armour of Agilulf. Re-roll/overkill city man. On a Lord you can go one better with the first 2 pieces, as well as the Birth Sword of Carcassonne.

    Another crazy combo is placing the Banner of the Lady on your BSB, along with the Vir of Duty. Then place that character in a knight unit of 10 models along with your general, and field a standard for the unit with the Battle Standard. It normally yields you a +7 combat resolution to your opponents +1 for their standard. (normally with 24 wounds and all the damage you'll do on the charge you'll have outnumber which is counted at the end of combat).

    I noticed that most people field their damsel merely as a "scroll caddy." I normally opt to mount mine and give her the Verdant Heart instead. She rides with my largest unit of knights which gives them magic resist (1). I just have to remember to set up the board with a forest, a water feature, and a hill feature. Not that I would rely on having those features all the time, but most of the time with a pitched battle you can at least control some of the terrain. Lore of life spells are great for taking out artillery pieces, skirmishers in tree area's (cough wood elves) and lone character models.

    After playing a lot of games and trying out a lot of different idea's I usually find that playing a balanced army like this one is what works best for me.

    Lord on Warhorse, HA
    -Armor of Agilulf, Birth Sword of Carcassonne, Vir of Conf
    BSB Paladin on Warhorse
    Banner of the Lady, Vir of Duty
    Paladin on Warhorse
    Sword of Lady's Champ, Grail Vow, Shld
    Paladin on Warhorse
    Enchant Shld, Gromril Helm, Lnce
    Damsel on Warhorse (no bard)
    Lv2, Verd Heart
    9 KOTR
    Full Command, War Banner
    8 K Err
    Full Command, Err Banner
    20 MAA
    SB, M
    10 Bowmen X2
    5 Grail Kni
    3 Peg Kni

    Total 1998

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