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    2k pt peasant/knight list

    Alright I dont have the actual list on me and im damn lazy right now, so im gonna dow this from my memory. Im also sure a lot of you are gonna be like "WOW, finally, peasants!"

    Bretonnian Lord- questing vow,shield, sword of quest, tress of isoulde, barded warhorse

    Paladin-BSB grail vow, valorous standard , barded warhorse

    Damsel- barded warhorse, chalice of malfeur, dispell scroll

    8 Kotr- full command

    8 Errant's-full command, errantry banner

    30 m@a- full command

    30 m@a- full command

    10 bowmen- stakes

    10 bowmen- stakes, braziers

    8 Questing Knights- full command

    16 Grail Relique- (extra 10 pilgrims)

    5 Yeomen- bows

    Field Trebuchet- crew

    Field Trebuchet- crew

    There we have my list, im not sure exactly how many points but it should be within 2000-2200 Thanks for any comments, suggestions or help, constructive critisism is encouraged.


    Alright I dropped some things, and added the grail vow for the pilgrims. I think Im around 2100 pts right now, buts that ok, I'll tweak out some other stuff later, for now my friends don't care they will just put in another 4 chosen chaos warriors... :huh: But overall do you think this army is capable of great things should I master it, or does this army seem unbalanced and likely to fail?



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    You do not have a model with the Grail Vow in the army. IIRC, Grail Reliquae and the Pilgrims require the presence of at least one Grail Knight.

    EDIT: Also, you cannot have a Shield on a Battle Standard Bearer - one hand is needed to hold the standard, the other a sword.

    In addition, I can't find a single hint of a banner that'd make the bearer Cold-Blooded. Did you mean the War banner which grants +1 to Combat Resolution (On top of the +1 from bearing the Battle Standard?)

    Made up the list in Army Builder. Results in the following:


    Bretonnian Lord - 246pts General
    Questing Vow, Heavy Armour, Shield, Barded Warhorse
    Sword of the Quest, Tress of Isoulde, Gromril Great Helm

    Paladin - 112pts Battle Standard Bearer
    Questing Vow, Heavy Armour, Barded Warhorse
    Virtue of Duty

    Damsel of the Lady - 129pts
    Barded Warhorse
    Chalice of Malfleur, Dispel Scroll

    Paladin - 86pts
    Knightly Vow, Heavy Armour, Shield
    Virtue of Empathy


    8 Knights of the Realm - 216pts
    Full Command

    8 Knights Errant - 201pts
    Full Command
    Errantry Banner

    30 Men-at-Arms - 177pts
    Full Command

    30 Men-at-Arms - 177pts
    Full Command

    10 Peasant Bowmen - 60pts

    10 Peasant Bowmen - 65pts
    Stakes, Braziers


    8 Questing Knights - 251pts
    Full Command

    Grail Reliquae & 16 Battle Pilgrims - 208pts

    5 Mounted Yeomen - 82pts


    2 Field Trebuchets

    Casting Pool: 3
    Dispel Pool: 3, Scroll&Chalice
    Model Count: 137, 33 of which are Warhorses.
    Total Points: 2190 pts out of 2000

    In short, you are over points, need equipment for the VoEmpathy Paladin, and need a Grail Knight to actually utilize the Grail Reliquae.

    I'd suggest tweaking the list a bit. But, kudos for actually taking some (well, a helluva lot) of Peasants.
    Last edited by Teron; August 15th, 2005 at 07:25.
    Use Light, Beasts, Metal instead of Heavens
    NecroLords: Use at least one Death Mage
    Brets: Use Peasants&Damsels
    Skaven: Don't use Skryre SAD

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    I'd dump the Reliquae, it'll make it easier for you to field your characters correctly. Also unlike in 5th you don't get a bonus for stacking your banners (like having the BSB, and the unit SB in the same unit). So that will save you some points for whichever unit you decide to place it in. If your going to use Braziers I'd think about making 1 archer unit instead of 2 that's a little larger, so that you'll get the most bang for your buck. I'd try to find the points to field another character, probably a wizard with the verdant heart. If you really want the Reliquae then you could give the Grail Vow to your knight on foot instead, or you could trade your Questing Knight unit out for a Grail Knight unit. You can field your knight on foot with your Reliquae, which is what I like however that of coarse doesn't make the whole unit immune to psycology and he'll flee with the unit.

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