[2000] Thurough Prophetess - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    [2000] Thurough Prophetess

    I dont nescesarily like to make powergamer lists but I don't want to spend 6 hours losing to a good player because I have a better story to go along with my army. Here is my latest list, as balanced as I could make it while still utilizing most of the Bretonnian advantages and keeping it semi characteristic of their playing style.

    1) Paladin riding a Barded Warhorse
    Questing Vow
    Great Weapon, Armour of Fortune, Insignia of the Quest

    Prophetess riding a Warhorse
    Level 4 Heavens
    Power stone(s)/Dispel Scroll(s) x4

    7 Questing Knights
    Standard - Valorous Standard
    2) Damsel riding a Warhorse
    Level 2 Life
    Sacrament of The Lady

    8 Knights Errant
    Standard - Errantry Banner
    3) Paladin riding a Barded Warhorse
    Virtue of The Impetuous Knight
    Battle Standard - Twilight Banner

    Paladin riding a Barded Warhorse
    Morningstar of Fracasse, Armour of Agilulf

    7 Knights of the Realm
    4) 2 Field Trebuchet
    5) 18 Peasent Bowmen
    Skirmishers, Musician
    6) 2x16 Men-at-Arms

    Ok so from the start you can see its low on peasentry and has few but large units of knights. Between having ten power dice base to case heavens with, two trebuchet, and a decent sized skirmished screen of archers it has more than enough drawing power agaisnt most armies. Agaisnt armies such as dwarves it can still penetrate through their dispel dice decently and allows you to hurt them while you setup flanking charges.

    Unit 1 is the main-stay unit. Its main pupose is to be multi functional in and out of close combat, with magic resistance (2) and the standard to give it survivability. Unit 2's main role is to target middle range'd units and be a second anti psychology unit if need be, or obviously for close measurements. Unit 3 has offensiveness somewhere between 1 and 2 though with two paladins you might argue more. Its main role is to be unexpected shocktroops. They will wait in an untargetable position (perhaps in woods) or anywhere your opponent doesnt expect them to come from and then use the banner and/or virtue to reach their target. Unit 4 tries to target blocky units or clusters of units but certainly has the power to go after smaller, higher quality targets. These replace most of the regular shooting an army might have so their main role is usually to thin out ranks of whatever quality troop they have the most likelihood of hitting. Units 5&6 are simply screens, though the skirmishers would rather take the shooting and the men-at-arms the charges. So at best their role would be to shift the direction the combat will go but I definitely dont expect them to hold a line long.

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    if you're going knight heavy ditch the M@As as they cant keep up with the knights. M@As really shine on a peasant based army were they can be fielded in HUGE numbers with HUGE units.

    Anyway field something more corrosponding, like more longbowmen or yeomen.
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    First off i wouldn't use Heavens Magic, it doesnt really have very much hitting power. Lore of Life is much more destructive & you can control movement or shooting with Mistress of the Marsh & Rain lord. :yes: , the peasants are good but i would consider taking out one of the M@A units & beefing up your other two Peasant units. The Skirmishing bowmen will be a good distraction but they dont do much damage unless their in larger numbers.
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