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    1000 pts Bretonnain army friendly

    heres my army how do you like it its mostly based on the battalion box set. my bro plays vampire counts. all advice apreceated

    virtue of knightly temper, heavy armour, sword, lance, Shield, barded bretonnain warhorse.

    Paladin(Battle standard bearer)(120)
    virtue of duty, heavy armour, sword, barded bretonnian warhorse.

    Damsel of the lady(165)
    Sword, Silver Mirror, Potion Sarce, lvl 2 wizard.


    8 knights of the realm(216)
    sword, heavy armour, lance, barded bretonnian warhorse, full command.

    16 Men at arms(107)
    sword, light armour, shield, pole arm, full command.

    16 Peasent bowmen(112)
    sword, long bow, full command, skirmishers.


    3 Pegisus knights(165)
    sword, heavy armour, lance, flying cavalry.


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    I know that you've just started collecting so your model range is small. Recently I used the virtue of temper on my 2000 point general. It was a Questing Knight lord level model so I took that virtue and went with a great weapon and the Armor of Fortune. It worked well (took out a giant). For 1000 point games it might be better to go with something different for your hero. I normally go with Armor of Agiluf and the Virtue of Confidance. WS10 re-roll hits and wounds in a challenge. It would do you good to get some more Knights, on your next purchase. As your list stands there's only one really big unit. You could instead take 2 units of KOTR, or a unit of KOTR and a unit of Errant. Your BSB can take the war banner also if you like. You could drop the command from your bowmen and champion from your MAA to get the points for it.
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