Yesterday a friend and I fought one of the listed Lustria scenarious. I forget the name of this particular one but it was one where he had a list of all characters (ogres) a few heroes but mostly lords while I brought a regular army. He had double encounter points and could earn major VP for just making it to the "finish line" with a character. I forget his list but it had more or less the following: A slaughtermaster, 3 Tyrants, 2 Hunters, 2 Bruisers. Possibly one to two more tyrants but I'm not entirely positive. From the beginning I thought that would make the fight very hard since ogre characters have much higher quality than regular ogres.

Oh by the way, did I mention I was bretonnians? I guess from the start things were doomed. Combat resolution was his undoing. I definitely got the best encounter by far, plopped a quicksand on one of his tyrant and well... he'd rather I not talk about it. I was suprsised though how much shooting he pulled off. Ultimately any fight he got himself in other than with peasents didnt stand a chance.

8 KE

5 KotR
Paladin BSB

7 QK's

24 Skirmish PB's

GR + 18 BP's

5x2 MY

It doesnt seem like a horrible list but its definitely a little thin. It was fine for what we did though. The lord was riding a royal pegasus and had The Grail Shield, Virtue of Audacity, and Sword of Heroes. He was quite a powerhouse and took two tyrants on easily and only took one wound on the pegasus in the process.