Hey everyone, I used this army in a 1500 point battle against an Archaon's Horde Chaos army, so I figured I'd get some critiques

General: Paladin w/Virtue of Discipline + Heartwood Lance
BSB: Paladin w/Banner of the Lady + Virtue of Duty
7 Knights of the Realm (unit includes both the General and the BSB, to make 9)
1 unit of 20 Men-At-Arms (full command)
2 units of 10 bowmen (w/villeins)
9 Questing Knights (full command)
3 Pegasus Knights
Damsel Level 2 w/Chalice of Malfleur + Dispel Scroll
1 Field Trebuchet

I really roughed up his army, but to be honest, that happned just given the unit of Knights of the Realm and the unit of Questing Knights, so I'm really unsure as to how good of an army this actually is. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

- Jeff