I used this list twice when my friend(Empire) and i teamed up. It worked fairly well. We beat O&Gs with it and HEs. Well here it is, tell me what ya think.

Paladin - 123pts
barded warhorse, Armour of Agilulf, Sword of Might, lance.

BsB - 99pts
barded warhorse, warbanner

Damsel - 130
Option #1: LvL 2 Dispel Scroll
Option #2: 2x Dispel Scrolls

8 KoTR - 216pts (Paladin)
Full Command

5 KE - 107pts

8 KE - 167pts (Bs

3 PK - 165pts

With option #1: 1007pts
With Damsel option #2: 997pts

I only use option #1 if the enemy lets me go over and #2 if they dont.
My friend basically uses all handgunners and a cannon and helblaster for our shooting round, and 2 regiments of swordsmen for the offensive and 1 regiment of Halberdiers to lay back and protect the cannon, helblaster, and my damsel and his wizard.