2250pt Bret - Tournament - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2250pt Bret - Tournament

    Hello All,
    I've been playing Tk's for a while (both friendly and RT tournies) and recently decided to take a crack at Brets. Unfortunately this is not a popular army in my neck of the woods so info is sparse (I played a bret army once at 2000 and pretty much annihilated them. Rookie player.). I spent some time mulling over the codex and came up with this potential tourny list at 2250. Since they're new to me, any and all comments are welcome.

    Lord: 244pts
    Grail Vow
    Lance of Artois
    Armor of Agilulf
    Gauntlet of the Duel
    Virtue of Confidence

    Paladin #1: 117
    Questing Vow, BSB
    Cuirass of Fortune
    Virtue of Discipline

    Paladin #2: 118
    Questing Vow, GW, HA, Sh
    Virtue of Duty

    Damsel #1: 140
    Lv 2, Warhorse
    (1) DS

    Damsel #2: 140
    Lv 2, Warhorse
    (1) DS

    10 KotR: 289 (joined by Lord & Damsel #1)
    Full Command
    War Banner

    8 KotR: 241 (joined by Pally #2)
    Full Command
    Twilight Banner

    8 KotR: 241 (joined by Damsel #2)
    Full Command

    8 QK's: 251 (joined by Pally #1 BS
    Full Command

    5 Mounted Yeoman: 90
    La, Sh

    3 PK's: 165

    10 Bowman: 80

    10 Bowmen: 70

    Trebuchet: 90

    Army totals:
    72 Models
    6 PD
    4 DD

    Note: Not sure about the Trebuchet, maybe another unit of Mounted Yeoman.

    Thanks for the opinions

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    I'm no real expert with Bret, but I do know a thing or two about Calvary. Try to keep you're units in 10 or 5/6. You can either outnumber with the unit of 10 or try using the 5/6 as a flanking unit with you're big block of 10.

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