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    2000pt Freindly list

    Hi all Ive been collecting Bretonnians for about 6 months and i have just got around to making a army list of what i have currently got in my collection. As i have previously said the list is designed to be played for freindly games but also for tournaments as well, so please comment on it.


    Bretonnian lord Grail Vow, Barded bret warhorse, sheild, heartwood lance, gauntlet of the duel 207pts

    PALADIN Virtue of knightly temper, enchanted sheild, lance, barded bret warhorse 128pts

    PALADIN BSB, banner of defence, vitue of duty, bared bret warhorse 134pts

    DAMSEL lvl 2, dispel scroll barded bret warhorse 144pts

    DAMSEL lvl 2, silver mirror 145pts


    7 kotr Full command banner of chalons 202pts

    9 kotr full command 240pts

    16 men at arms musician 85pts

    16 peasant bowmen 96pts


    3 pegasus knights gallant 165pts

    grail reliquae 118pts


    5 grail knights musician, standard, twilight banner 245pts

    trebuchet 90pts


    So there you have it my current bretonnian army. please give your comments on my list and what i should add or take away.
    Thanks in advance.


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    Hey just thought i would give my two cents.

    I would say to start with, that the silver mirror seems pretty good however do remember that although its likely to put a wound on the wizard, most wizards have more than one wound anyway, so you still have to get something over there and kill it and if your doing that anyway then the chances are you don't need that wound on him in the first place. I would just say that the Potion of sacre is a nice little trinket good to prevent miscast or give irresistable force but also if you just didnt quite cast and the chalice of malfleur can be good though that all depends on what you want to do.

    I Where are you planning to put your heros? because you have 4 on horses, remember that it is cheaper and also in your best interest that if you are putting them in a lance that you keep it in ranks of 3 so you don't have any extra soldiors in the back making it longer and not doing much. Also one thing to remember is that bretonnian lances are very expensive on their own and once you start adding in characters in you can get to a very high total of points in one place.

    One thing i like to do is to have some six man lances they can be very effective, especially if you charge them together with another lance or if you have characters with either the warbanner, virtue of discipline or the virtue of duty.

    I would say that probably increasing your men at arms to a unit of 20 would be good, they are a cheap unit (points wise) and the best way to win with them is to use static CR to your advantage. Remember with men at arms that hey don't give away VP for standards this can allow you to do some pretty nifty things, also its in your interest to keep a knight unit close as they transfer their Ld to them aswell as they can act as some support if things go wrong.

    Your bowmen i would suggest splitting up into 2 units of ten, simply because having them in two ranks wastes points at the back and having a big line of sixteen can be difficult to manauver and get in the way. A good tactic i use is to gaurd my rebuchet with these in a / \ sorta shape, remember line of sight isn't as important with the trebuchet.

    The other thing i would say is generally people find the grail relique works best with big numbers so like you should have the relique and 16 men with it. I suggest this for two reasons, one as mentioned before that the unit works best like this but also because your men at arms are going to need support, because other than them the grail relique is the only thing that moves at the same speed. Too many people try to play foot troops in bretonnian armys as knights and it doesn't work, you need atleast 2 good sized foot troops units if you are going to have any otherwise you just get the units being left behind and possibly ambushed or whatever. The other thing although its pretty straight forward but you don't have to move your knights the full 16 inches especially when their are foot troops about, because with the aid of foot troops you can set up some pretty nice charges but if you forget about them you have two sections of your army left to fend for themselves. If that makes sense.

    I would say lastly if possible it would be best to maybe try and squeeze in some more combat units, that could mean at the cost of a few of your magic items, particularly the one on your grail knights as they often are powerful/expensive enough as they are.

    Oh one other thing to remember about bretonnians is, A)moving really fast allows less time for magic to be cast on you thusly less need for dispell dice, but also having a damsel in the unit gives it magic resistance 1. So bassically although some people say bretonnians magic capabilitys are bad their magic defesnse can actually be pretty good.

    Anyway sorry i over analyse things a bit hope you don't think im being too negative overall you have some good points in your army, and as ever the above is just my oppinion so its up to you and what works for you really.

    Oh the other thing before i go is to say skirmishing bowmen, they are pretty good and without the limits on numbers they are well worth one unit.
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