2000pts Vs. Orcs - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2000pts Vs. Orcs

    Whaddya'll think? Too Character heavy? Thoughts from Those-Who-Hunt-Orcs most appreciated.

    Lord: Lance, Barded Warhorse, virtue of Audacity, sword of heroes, enchanted shield, gauntlet of the duel: 227 pts.
    Damsel: Warhorse, ruby gauntlet, chalice of malfleur: 130pts.

    These are in:
    7 KE: Full Command, Errantry Banner, 186 pts.

    Paladin: Barded Warhorse, OrcBaneShield, Virtue of The Joust: 114 pts.
    BSB: Barded Warhorse, War Banner, Virtue of Duty: 129 pts
    Damsel: Warhorse, prayer icon of quenelles, dispel scroll: 130 pts.

    These are in
    6 KoR: Full Command, Twilight Banner: 193 pts.


    25 M@A, Full Command, 152 pts.
    25 M@A, Full Command, Spears, 152 Pts.

    20 PB, Skirmish, Mus, Braziers (anti-troll): 150 pts.

    3 PK: Musician, Gallant: 175 pts
    5 Mounted Yeomen: musician: 82 pts.
    5 Mounted Yeomen: musician: 82 pts.


    Total: 1992 pts, 4 DD, 1 scroll, lots of MR and ward save against orc magic...

    The KE unit hits characters, giants, wyverns, and hard orcs.
    The KoR unit hits softer units, creates animosity.
    PB & PK hit war machines, wolf riders, chariots, and whatever else.
    MY trigger charges into M@A and trigger and hunt fanatics.
    M@A absorb charges, hold enemies in combat to let knights flank.
    Trebuchet smacks whatever.

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