2000pts Bretonnia - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2000pts Bretonnia

    EDIT: Some point totals removed to respect GW copyright. ~DavidVC04

    hey everyone here. i jsut made my bret list for all games. like a list for everything i participate in.

    heres that list i mentioned above^^

    lv4 Prophetess w/ 2 dispel scroll and verdant heart 315pts

    paladin w/ bsb, barded horse and errant banner 94pts
    paladin w/ barded horse, virtue of heroism, lance and enchanted shield 129pts
    paladin w/ barded warhorse, lance of artois and armour of agilulf 125pts

    8 knights of Errant w/ full command 181pts
    8 knights of the realm w/ full command 216pts
    9 knights of the realm w/ full command 240pts
    16 men at arms w/ full command
    16 peasant bowmen w/ flaming arrows and musician 106pts

    3 pegasus knights w/ gallant 165pts

    5 grail knights w/ full command 220pts
    field trebuchet w/ yeoman craftsman pts

    total 1998pts
    73 models and 1 war machine.

    here is the idea i had.

    set the all the fast horses on the flank. with the paladin in them. set a line of 16 peasant bowmen with stakes in center. place trebuchet behind them. the men at arms hold center or try. pegasus knights go hunt war machines down. the treb will hurt units to weaken them before knights or m@a come in to break them. peasants do the same. the mage will hide in a forrest or behine the treb and cast comet heave spells.

    the plan is the knights will crus the flank and move to the center. and crush that.

    hopefully it works

    Last edited by DavidWC09; August 31st, 2006 at 01:39.

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