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    Bretonnia- (1000)pts

    Paladin- 136pts *joins knight errant unit
    (Virtue of the Joust, heart wood lance, bretonnian warhourse and a shield)
    *joins knight errant unit

    Paladin- 139pts
    (Battle Standard Bearer, barded warhorse, war banner and virtue of duty)
    *joins Knights of the Realm

    Damsel of the lady- 115pts
    (Level two wizard mounted on a bretonnian warhorse)

    Knight Errant- 201pts
    (8 Knights with full command and errantry banner)

    Knights of the Realm- 241pts
    (8 Knights with full command and twilight banner)

    Pegasus Knights- 165pts
    (3 pegasus knights)

    total- 997pts

    K so with this amry list there two very expensive and large units of knights. The unit of knight errant that is led by my general is a power unit on the charge the unit has a potental to have 10 S6 attacks, three of which re-roll hits and wounds and 7 S3 attacks this unit should have 0 problem running through any kind of unit.

    Next the unit led by my battle standard bearer he alone supplies +3 to combat resolution and combined with the units standard bearer and two ranks they have a combat resolution of +6 before combat even starts and with the ability to charge through any terrian peace once per game they can easily ambush any enemy unit causeing this unit to be a very scary thing.

    The pegasus knights with fullfill there normal role and destroy fast cavalry and warmachines and well as help mopping up any ememy units that are still left.

    My Damsel has a pretty straight forward purpose just to cast spells from the lore of life to help destroy skirmishers and scouts and well as just adding that extra fear magic always gives on the battle field. She has 3 power dice and 3 dispel dice a turn which i figure for 1000pts is plenty.

    I just started palying bretonnia so any extra feedback on this list would help. thanks

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    I think the list is pretty good, but I have 3 suggestions:

    Investing a general in the KE could backfire. If an opponent is canny, they may lure you out of position with fast-cav or sacrificial troops (remember, KE have the impetuous rule). Then they can counter-charge and flank you at their leisure. This is worse in 7th ed., cause you can't redirect overrun movements. Also, watch out for stubborn units, dwarves, and other things that can survive your charges.

    The damsel should be in a unit, cause otherwise she can be targeted in 7th ed. but because damsels occupy the center of units, she'll have some difficulty casting magic missles, etc.

    Finally you have nothing sacrifical, nor do you have any shooting. This means you are helpless against things like night goblin fanatics (as well you should know, Warboss). If you play anyone who uses them, I'd swap your peg knights for mounted yeomen and archers. If not, don't worry about it.

    Good luck!
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