Time to take the Army list from 1k to 1250. After a minor loss vs. a mostly shooty empire list, I've decided that small sized units of knights (6 man units) are not going to be very effective. So I'm bumping up the KotR squad sizes to 9 men each and giving them peasent suppport. This will create a much more balanced force and something that can help surprise someone who was planning on facing on of the many pure cavalry Bretonnian lists out there.

Hero Units:

Paladin (General)
Knight's Vow, Virtue of Confidence, Morning Star of Fracasse, Shield, barded Warhorse
126 points

Paladin (BS
Knight's Vow, Warbanner, barded Warhorse
99 points

Damsel of the Lady
Level 1, The Ruby Goblet, Dispel Scroll
135 points

Core Units:

7x Knights of the Realm (joined by General and Damsel)
Full Command, Banner of Chalons
202 points

8x Knights of the Realm (joined by BS
Full Command, Banner of Chalons
226 points

15 Men at Arms
Full Command
102 points

15 Men at Arms
Full Command
102 points

12 Peasant Bowmen
Skirmishers, Villein
89 points

Special Units:

3x Pegasus Knights
165 points

The Knights will be the main attack force, with the M@A covering the flanks. Hopefully the Bowmen will be able to get to either a hill or in some woods early on and fire away. The PK are there to flank, hunt warmachines, and hunt mages or other single character models. This list