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    [1500] Need expert advice

    EDIT: Some point totals removed. ~DavidVC04


    (1) Paladin(goes with KOTR =136pts
    +Knights vow
    +heart wood lance
    +Virtue of the joust
    +Bretonnian warhorse

    (1) Paladin (BS (goes with KOTR) =133pts
    +Knights vow
    +war banner
    +virtue of duty
    +Bretonnian warhorse

    (1) Damsel of the lady(goes with GK)
    +2 dispel scrolls
    +level 2
    +Bretonnian warhorse


    (7) KOTR =192 pts
    +full command

    (6) KOTR =173pts
    +full command
    +Twilight banner

    (6) Knights Errant =168pts
    +full command

    (15) Pheasant bowmen


    (5) Mounted yoemen =87pts

    (5) Mounted yoemen =87pts


    (5) Grail Knights =250pts
    +full command
    +Banner of Defence

    Total = 1496

    So this is basicly my army list that I'm contimplating on bringing to the GW store; that is after i buy all my models. Ofcourse before I buy anything... I wanted to ask you guys.

    Couple of questions I have about what I should do is:

    -Scrap 1, or 2 of my magical banners and add some M@A?
    -What units should I run my heros in?
    -Are the KE worth taking at all, and if so...should i exchange one of my magical banners for a Errantry banner for the KE unit?

    Once again, I havent bought my models yet, so I can change anything I want; thank you guys in advance :yes:


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    Well, Knights errant arnt worth it in my mind. KOTR, QK, and GK fill my ranks, for peasentry does not belong in my noble ranks. I will qoute my good friend and my conversation
    me- should I use peasents?
    him- Do you want to win?

    It may be my personal playing style as well, and the fact that they will slow me down is just stupid.

    I'm back.

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    Ok first of all the characters

    the first paladin, the heartwood lance is one of the worst weapons IMHO because at strength6 you will need 2s to wound nearly everything, if you're still worrried swap your virtues and take virtue of confidence, my favourite take lance of artois, 1 heroe killer. (or normal lance)

    BSB perfect, how i always use him EXCEPT HE CAN't LEGALLY HAVE A LANCE!

    Damsel, fine. perhaps swap 1 s croll for chalice, though slightly risky with only 1 damsel.

    Make both units of KOTR 8 strong and keep the magical banner, now ad the BSB to the unit without magic banner and the other paladin to the remaining unit.

    Now KOE 3 choices, 1. drop them
    2. leave them as a flanking/sacrafice unit.
    3. give them errantry banner and atleast 9 strong, i recommend 12+ however.
    (good idea place them infront of enemy knights. move them so both units are facing each other and not sure if in range, because with errantry banner have 2 fail ld5, not hard then you get to make a 'free measure, to see if you're in charge range, so no failed charge!!!)

    bowmen, good, don't whatever drop these!!!!!!!!

    yeomen, great, gropping the shields, however, could save a few points. They shouldn't get shot at or be in combat!

    Grail knights, keep magic banner, these are expensive yet down to preference, i tend not to use them, howver now that QK are krp i either replace them with big unit of KOTR or small unti of GK, whatever floats your boat. Don't make them any biigger than 9 because in small points they will be shot, especially cannons and boltthrowers.

    if you drop the KOE you gain 168 pts, + with the paladineither 10 or 35 points.10 from the yeomen. thats 188 or 213 poi9nts. and drop 2 bowmen + 227 pts to spend.

    chalice drop one of the d scroll
    110 pts

    3 grail knights

    the grail knights are a very big hitter.!.!. A second damsle adds a ,lot more magic punch, have 1 with each lore, get bears anger cast on whoever needs it most, i like grail knight , (normal man with 5 strength 6 WS5 attacks!!!!!!!!!!!)

    hope i did't bore you too much!

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