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    1500pt Tournament list

    OK, I have several lists that have served me quite well over the years, however i have been accused of using a "point and click" list on numerous occasions, and i would be a rich man if i recieved a penny for every time my list has been dubbed cheap by a sour opponent. I dont believe this because i know my armies to have many flaws and by a good player easilly beatable and for the most part my opponents are very curtious to me reguardless of whether they lose or win but i guess the names have grinded on my nerves and pride and despite not considering my lists cheap or overpowered (really i think no lists are cheap or overpowered), they are not RAF and while all cav, i do not use grail knights, i do use questing knights and most of my units are 6 strong not 9.

    I guess im trying to make a list that has a lot of tactical significance and will not oft be called point and click, but at the same time is competative and tourny capable...

    The Order of the Green Dragon: 1500pts

    Sir Gilles of Bastonne (general) 116pts
    Paladin, Grail Vow, Virtue of Discipline, lance, shield, Warhorse

    Sir Piers the Loyal(BSB ) 119pts.
    Paladin, Morningstar of Fracasse, Cuirass of Fortune, Warhorse

    Damsel 120pts.
    2 dispel scrolls

    6 Knights of the Realm 160pts.

    6 Knights of the Realm 160pts.

    6 Knights of the Realm 160pts.

    6 Knights of the Realm 160pts.

    12 Peasant Bowmen 84pts.

    3 Pegasus Knights 165pts.

    5 Mounted Yeomen 80pts.

    Grail Religuae 172pts.
    6 extra Pilgrims

    Total: 1496pts.

    I have added PB and MY for some tactical versitility, the GR adds a bit of durability and reliability against big infantry block armies. On the flip side i have no super powerfull
    units, i dont have any magic banners, and none of my heros are stacked. I think its competitive yet i hope it will not be called a point and clicker or cheap quite as often as my former army lists were. I realize if i win (especially if i win big) i am liable to be labled by some hot heads as cheap or something, its just that my pride is starting to take a hit after the build up of coments over the years, and as a bretonnian my pride and honor are my most charished posesions so im really hoping this army will give me the peace of mind my former army did not.

    I welcome and hope for comments good or bad on my list and thank all who may help me in advance.


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    I like the list but would recommend musicians for your knights. The would be nothing more embarrassing than losing combat because you didn't have a musician.

    The mounted yeomen and archers will hold you in good stead.
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