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Thread: Flying circus

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    Flying circus

    I was wondering, how you make the Pegasus heavy army lists; Lots of Pegasus knights, with knights of the realm, or what?

    And are those lists effective or not. I’m going to a tournament with them, and I need the flying circus list to be VERY COMPETIVE!!!

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    A Pegasi heavy Bret army (or RAF as its commonly known) Can de fantastically competitive, but is quite easily beaen if your opponant knows how. However this usually involves quite a bit of list tayloring, most general use lists wont be able to compete with the RAF if you play it right.
    This is just from expeiance, i have never actually fielded an RAF force myself, but i hope this is still helpful.
    Most of what i say is applied to a 2K list, but can easily be expanded to other points limits.

    The army is best composed of a Pegasus Lord tooled up for either taking on small units, or, more commonly, Challenging other Characters.

    Then fill up your special choices with Pegasus units, so 4 units of atleast 3 each. The Champion is free, but the othercommand probably isnt worthwhile. Possibly add musicians, but that will depend on points.

    If you like, you can also put your BSB on a pegasus, and give him the Banner of the Lady, Virtue of Discipline and the Grail Vow. An expensive setup, but extremely deadly as he can then ake on whole units (possibly not Chaos Warriors, etc) alone with a frontal charge.

    You will need a damsel or two for magic protection, though their offensive magic will be mostly useless. Just put these on horses and have them join Cav units.

    A Realm Knight unit is required, with FC, put a damsel here and possibly a paladin too.

    A unit of 9 Errant Knights comes highly recommended, and give them their banner. They are great for charging and taking out Fear or Terror causing units, being Immune to Psych on the charge, and in Lance form with S6 attacks.

    Definitely take a unit of Skirmishing Pesant bowmen, these are cheap and often come in very handy.

    One or two Mn at Arms units may be handy if you have the points, but they arent essential. Same goes for Grail Knights, possibly a small unit of 5 or 6 of these guys.

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