Hey. After playing a bretonnia lord on a horse w/knights of the realm, Im trying out one on a hippogryph and was wondering what equipment should I give him. I was thinking either:

*Silver Lance, Enchanted Shield, Virtue of Discipline, and grail vow, which gives him 4 auto S6 magical hits on the charge, a 2+ save, and oppenents will never outnumber in combat.

*Birth-Sword, Armor of Agliuf, Guantlet of duel, Virtue of Confidence, and grail vow, which gives him 4 magical attacks w/rerolls to hit and wound, enemy has to reroll passed saving throws, and can challenge anyone in CC. Im also thinking of swiching the Virtue of Confidence with the Virtue of Discipline so that he wount get knocked off by being outnumbered.

Im currently leaning to the Silver Lance combo cause he has a better defence but other combos are appreciated so please respond and tell me what you all think.