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    Awesome colour scheme

    Esteemed fellow Dukes and Damsels,

    Having seen the Gamezone Feudal Knights range, I was lost.

    My pointy-eared plans were put in stasis and I took up the Grail Vow and a hearty lance to boot.

    Now to the point:

    While the miniatures are plain awesomeness, I for one don't like the mottled look of overly colourful warhosts.

    Thus, I'd like to go for some semi-uniformed approach, with the same base colours for all of the army.

    In ascending order, the patterns will become more complicated (as do the miniatures), but the base colours will remain the same.

    My first choice would be a light blue and bleached bone pattern, with a dark red or even black heraldry, copying shamelessly from the Golden Demon 2007 winning regiment (dwarfs).

    GW Online : Image : *Click to Close*

    Now do you fancy this will build a nice-looking host?

    Is the idea viable or utter nonsense?

    Any remarks, experiences, alternative colour schemes, abuse, whatever - are highly welcome.

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    I think that scheme would look great on Bretonnians. I don't know how experienced at painting you are, but it isn't a basic scheme, it would require a fair bit of work to pull off. Light colours like bleached bone can be hard to highlight.

    I would pick dark red instead of black, the red really adds to the models.
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    the new washes are your friend with bleached bone highlights. You can mix them with bleached bone or just put them on and they can give an aged look. Ogryn flesh wash I believe is the name. the gryphonne sephia might also help.

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