Hi guys!

I am collecting a concept driven Bretonnian force based from one of my favourite series of fantasy novels. This took me a good few hours to write up and amend, so I'd appreciate any thoughts or questions about it. Most of all, I hope you enjoy reading it!

Will just go through the characters that I will be modelling for my project. Then I've said a bit about my choices and how they fit into my 'theme'. Here goes:

Bretonnian Lord (General) - Sir Sparhawk is a Knight of the Pandion Order. Pandion’s are known for their implacable resolve and martial skill, though they do have a streak of independence. Customarily they wear black armour with visored helmets and shields. They also wear black surcoats trimmed in silver. Sparhawk is the Champion of the Pandion Knights, and also champion to his Queen and wife, Ehlana. Sir Sparhawk is an unparallel swordsman possessed on an unearthly clam and steadfast devotion to duty.

Prophetess - Sephrenia is the instructor of mysticisms to the Order of Pandion Knights. She is also the High Priestess of Aphrael.

Paladin - Tynian is the Champion of the Alcione Order, and one of the main companions of Sparhawk. Alciones wear the heaviest armour in the world which is forged of unpolished steel; they wear sky-blue surcoats and capes. Tynian is immensely strong and massively muscled; he is also skilled at necromancy.

Paladin - Bevier is the Champion of the Cyrinic Order, and one of the main companions of Sparhawk. Cyrinics customarily wear silver armour with white surcoats and capes. They are well known for their piety, and are the world’s experts on sieges - Bevier has an extensive knowledge of military history. Unlike most other knights, Bevier favours a grim Lochaber axe rather than the standard sword and shield.

Paladin - Ulath is the Champion of the Genidian Order, and one of the main companions of Sparhawk. Genidians favour chain-mail armour with ogre-horned helmets, and wear green surcoats. Ulath favours a massive axe with his shield, rather than a sword. He is a strong, silent and cryptic individual with a vast knowledge of trolls and ogres - he even speaks the troll language.

Paladin (Battle Standard Bearer) - Kalten is Sparhawks best friend and companion, so it seems fitting for him to carry his ‘brothers’ standard into battle. He is a simple, straight-forward Pandion Knight and gave Sparhawk his broken nose when they were novices.

Questing Knight Champion - Berit is introduced as a trainee Pandion Knight, but is knighted by the end of the first series. Like Bevier he favours a massive two-handed axe as his primary weapon.

Villein of Skirmishing Bowmen - Talen is a young thief (as befits the name of a ‘villain’) who easily swipes money and possessions from the other characters. By the end of the second series he becomes a Pandion novice.

Grail Knight Unit - Vanion, Komier, Darrellon and Abriel are the Preceptors of the four Church Knight Orders.

The Lady of the Lake is the goddess Aphrael, who is a sometimes companion of the Knights, and everyone loves her. (Personally, I think she needs a good slap or three!) Sephrenia is her sister and the instructor of the Pandion Knights in the arts of Styricum. The other three orders (presumably) have their own instructors, but they are never mentioned, though they prey to other gods of Styricum for their spells - Pandions prey to Aphrael for theirs.

In the second series as the four Champions begin their quest, the Queen Ehlana gets a royal escort of one hundred Knights from each chapter, each led by their respective champions. To represent this each of the four Champions get a Knightly unit to lead.

As novices some of the Knights are trained in the use of bows or crossbows, to represent this my unit of skirmishing bowmen will be renamed as a unit of novices and will contain a mix of novices from the four chapters, they will be led by Talen.

The Preceptors of the four orders don’t feature prominently (except Vanion - the Preceptor of the Pandions), but it seems fitting to me to make each a Grail Knight, since they are the heads of each order and legendary warriors.

Though church soldiers are often frowned upon by the Knights, they are employed to fight alongside them from time to time. Plus, since most of the army will be restricted to the four colour schemes of the Knightly Orders it will add a bit more colour and variety to the army. They wear red liveries, but bear the same emblems as the Knights - depending on their city of origin. My units of bowmen, men-at-arms and yeoman will be represented by these church soldiers.

The Trebuchets will be painted with a Cyrinic emblem. A few times though-out the series’ the Knights resort to using siege engines to defend or attack locations of note, and since Bevier and the Cyrinics are both masters of siege warfare, it seems fitting to me that they’d employ a Trebuchet or two.

Two units that don’t really fit into my concept or theme are the Pegasus Knights and the Grail Reliquae. In the first series Sparhawk and his companions guise themselves as pilgrims in order to get from one city to another without being noticed (I forget the reasons why, or the place names) so if I were to incorporate a unit of pilgrims I could fluff that out a bit using those reasons (all my books are in a different country, so I can’t read them). As for the Pegasus Knights, I’ll probably still get a unit, could probably fluff them out too if I gave it some thought…

One last thing. In an army this size I would prefer to have at least two casters for defence and offence purposes. But if I included a second one that also wouldn’t fit into my concept. Though, I’ll still have a second caster to choose for general gaming purposes.

There are characters and units which I would have liked to include, it’s just the Bret army list doesn’t have anything to suit the needs for this. And GW have bummed out the Dogs of War for us budding Bretonnian generals!

Wikipedia was a great help in writing this.

Here's a link to the army list I came up with: http://www.librarium-online.com/foru...ml#post1312895 (3000 Themed Army (All Comers))

Cheers guys