Equiping Damsels against Vmapire Counts - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Equiping Damsels against Vmapire Counts

    I don't know if this was up before but I got a question, I've played 5th edition of fantasy and its been a while. . . Anyway Vampire Counts focus on their heroes/lords and as such they are formidable casters, oops forgot about those Necros, facing VC's by peasents and knights are getting hit hard and my damsels got nothing, what are some good ways to equip your damsels against Necromancy, I know many people tend to give them a Chalice of Malfluer for dispell and just give them dispell scrolls, but I also want to strike back with my damsels. Any suggestions?

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    Vampire Counts are just plain nasty when it comes to magic. Our damsels really don't have anything on a fully decked vampire caster. When going against the counts I either run with the chalice of malfeur or dispel caddy and save them for the big spells.

    If you want to throw a little punishment in, there's always the silver mirror, which acts as a dispel scroll but also inflicts a str 6 hit on the enemy caster. But this is nearly twice the points of a regular dispel scroll and you can only have one in the entire army.

    My suggestion is to not take the vamps head on in combat, their too resilient. Instead use the knights and pegs and try to get flank charges off and hurt them hard in combat resolution, remember at the end of combat they lose wounds equal to the number they lost the combat by, that can be about double the amount that you killed if you can deny them that rank bonus.

    Your damsels should try and keep the vamp casters from bringing back all those dead models that you worked so hard to take down in the first place. The dangerous part of this strategy is that you might waste all those dispel scrolls on one tar pit.
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