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Thread: Knights knights

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    Knights knights

    Here is a list which I am giving up for every one to poke full of holes, make comments on and occasionally offer helpful advice.

    GRAIL KNIGHTS 8 times 38 304
    2 upgrades musician and standard banner 30
    total points 334
    any knight can issue or accept a challenge
    move 8, march 16 and charge 16
    lance gives +2 str during charge attack

    LORD ABRAHAM army general 110
    grail vow 28
    warhorse 21 shield 2 23
    virtue of stoicism 35
    reroll failed break tests
    silver lance of the blessed 65
    +2 on str on the charge
    if the model is blessed all hits are
    the ruby goblet 30
    takes affect after the first unsaved
    wound the unit takes
    unit cannot be wounded on a nonmagical
    source of +3
    total points 291

    KNIGHTS OF THE REALM 8 times 24 192
    upgrades musician, standard and gallant 24
    total points 216

    PALIDIN 60
    shield +2 warhorse +14 16
    lance of artois 25
    +2 on turn he charges
    killing blow when he charges
    virtue of the joust 25
    may reroll hits when charging
    gaunlet of the duel 10
    challenge cannot be refused
    total points 136

    KNIGHTS OF THE REALM 8 times 24 192
    upgrades musician, banner and gallant 24
    total points 216

    PALIDIN 60
    shield +2 warhorse +14 lance +4 20
    battle standard banner ---
    valorous standard 50
    3d6 for ld discarding the highest
    virtue of heroism 40
    if armed with a normal weapon he
    receives killing blow even against
    larger than men targets
    banner of chalon 10
    archers can not choose the stand and
    fire against this banner on
    a charge
    total points 180

    KNIGHTS OF THE REALM 8 times 24 192
    upgrades musician, standard and gallant 24
    total points 216

    PALIDIN 60
    warhorse +14 shield +2 16
    wyrmlance 20
    +2 str on turn he charges
    once per game not close combat
    flaming breath attack str 3
    armour of agilulf 25
    gives bearer a WS of 10
    virtue of audacity 30
    against enemies with a higher str
    than himself (before modifications)
    the knight may reroll all failed rolls
    to hit and wound
    total points 151

    ERRANT KNIGHTS 8 times 20 160
    upgrades musician, standard and cavalier 21
    total points 181

    DAMSEL 70
    warhorse +10 barding +4 14
    dispell scroll dispell scroll 50
    total points 134

    PEGUSIS KNIGHTS 3 times 55 165
    upgrades musician, standard and gallant 30
    total points 195

    Please go ahead here is my record
    I have not seen to many drawn games with the Bretonnias. How about anyone else?

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    First some household rules I picked up during my short time here.
    First of all army lists should be in the army list section of each race.
    Secondly, you are not allowed to post point values of individual models. And I don't think the posting of special rules is allowed either, or necessary as everyone reading this is considered in possesion of the needed books.
    See also:

    On to the army list. I think the list overall is quite good. I usually play a similar style. However I would like to make to following comments:
    * Having only one damsel seems to me like a little low on magic defense.
    * Your army standard has 2 magic banners, which is impossible. However this is easily solved by giving the Banner of Chalon to the KotR he joins.
    * Judging by your explaination of the Virtue of Heroism you misread it. So I would suggest re-reading it. As it gives you Killing Blow, but only against Large Targets. Personally I prefer the Virtue of Duty on my Army Standard, and not a magic banner, but an item combination geared toward staying alive. Gromril Great Helm and Sword of Might is a nice one.
    * Ruby Goblet always disappointed me, but if it works for you I'm fine with it. The same goes for you pegasus knights.
    * I'm sort of missing the Warbanner and the Errantry Banner. These are pieces of equipment I never leave home without.
    * Lastly I would remove the Wyrmlance. As I don't see when you are going to be using the breathweapon effectively. You will either be out of range or in combat as I see it. But I could be wrong. As you played 7 games with it so far, maybe you can give a counter example.

    As you have played a few games with this army already I think you can comment on the above on what will/won't work. So do with the comments as you please.

    Good Luck in your further games.

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    point taken

    point taken about values. the banner was susposed to be with the block of knights he joined. I did not read the book wrong but took the item for larger than mansize targets.
    I agree with you about the wyrmlance except for the last battle. Thanks for explaining about the point values. I now know why you do not do that.

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    List is overall good, but i'm pretty sure that you CAN'T give the BSB any equipment, except for magic banners and items. That means you can't give him lances or shields, unless magical (thats the reason for giving him gromril helm and sword of migth so often) The rest is ok, altougth i've never understanded how the Rubi chalice works, exactly...

    Also, i will drop the standart from pegasus knigths, they are not very useful.
    Last edited by Drendali; February 21st, 2009 at 16:56.

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