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    How do I counter your unit?

    Hey y'all. I'm not a Bretonnian, but a Dogs of War player, and recently I've been seeing a couple of particularly difficult units that I've not had much luck against. I've occasionally fended them off, or held them up for a while, but usually it's a Breton victory, gah.

    The units in question are as follows:
    Generic Pegasus Knights, 3 w' full command.


    A unit of Knights Errant (Or realm, whichever one has the WS4). This unit usually has full command, a battle standard bearer, with the war banner, and the banner that lets you roll 3d6 and pick the lowest for break tests.

    The first unit I'd just like to know general solutions against, as it's something that always keeps me on my toes. I really don't want it in my flank - have avoided it so far, but it'll happen inevitably. The second unit is what I really have problems with - it never runs away, with a re-rollable cold-blooded leadership test, and there's not a lot that can get through those armour saves.

    I know a lot of people don't know what Dogs of War can field, but it's pretty much a little bit of everything. So any advice on the general kinds of units or tactics that work against these two formations would be muchly appreciated!

    Thanking in advance,
    Psychic Hobo

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    shoot the pegasus knights. They are really expensive and not that tough. Take a unit of crossbowmen and you can kill 1-2 on the first turn. Same with DoW cannons.

    The same thing works for all of the knight units. Str4 they don't get their good wardsave. Crossbows and pistols will make short work of them.

    Use pistols with your skirmishers and light cav to redirect. It doesn't matter what banner they have if you hit them in the flank with a fully ranked unit, they will most likely run.

    I never thought I'd say it, but some of the Regiments of Renown (can't remember the name of the decent pikemen) but they'll eat up that unit as well. Str4 and 20+ attacks striking first will eat knights.

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    From the top of my head, pikemen should really be nailing that knight unit, but if its not going well a cannon hitting a few models would be pretty good, shave a few ranks off. Pegasi I guess if you can hold his charge (paymaster's body guard) and then get some duelists in the rear he should break, maybe fast cavalry if you want to try and catch him. Good luck.
    "Knights had no meaning in this game. This wasn't a game for knights."

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