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    For the Good of knights everywhere... advice and tactics for Brets

    Ok, Having just waffled on for ages on Dman123's A few questions about the virtues of grail knights, he pointed out we don't have a decent thread for advice for new knights errant joining the ranks of us bretonnians, So I thought I would kick off with a few points that I think are important that I have gleaned from other peoples advice and my own previous experiance. A lot of these work as advice for any army, some are more bret focused.

    1. When selecting an army, really think how things are going to work together. If you constantly think 'is A better than B?' or 'how should I run my...', then you'll usually end up getting some really good units but also find you have some gaping weaknesses that will be obvious. Instead of thinking like this, try to think how you are going to use your units on the table. a big unit of knights has huge weakness compared to a couple of units of smaller lances working together, but then if you support that big lance with some fast cav to draw in the target to be attacked it looks different again. Think of how you are going to use your army on the table, what is going to support what, what job is a unit going to do, and try to get the most of what you put on the board . I like to split my army up into about two or three seperate 'combat units' This might be made of 1, 2 or 3 units designed to compliment each other and work together on the table, to fill out specific roles.

    2. This came up just now and one that I think is really important. Try to avoid picking the big bad unit of grail knights with the super lord that can kill everything. This will tend to waste a lot of points, and makes it very easy for your enemy to target, avoid and focus on the rest of your army, which will be quite small. This has two points, one don't put all your eggs in one basket, and two which is less known, spend a moment to think about what your opponent will do when faced with your units. Having an enemy face up against an army with one superstrong unit, or 4 mediocre looking units then its harder for them to focus their own plans.

    3. Look ahead in a game. don't just charge a unit because you can. Look at the situation and think where are you going to be in two turns after. Whats your opponent going to do to react to that charge. Keep this in mind but your opponent expects you to charge, sometimes he is planning it! he will want to draw your big knight unit in to where he can deal with it and you can't support them.

    4. Also think timing. If you charge strait out, you'll definately get the first charge of the game and hit quite hard with it. But you will also strech your forces, and give him most of the game to outmanouver your knights in his half of the table and deal with them.

    5. Bretonnian characters are useful, but watch out as you can end up spending a lot of points. Knightly characters often go in units as they are better protected there, so think what that unit will be doing and how your hero can compliment that.

    6. Damsels come with magic resistance, this is brilliant for protecting your knights and taking up a slot in the lance formation that would be taken by a knight who wouldn't be able to fight.

    7. Be Savvy. your opponent might notice the lure of charging your yeomen so they can flee and your KoTR can charge them next turn, but if you have a different tactic going on on the opposite side of the field he might not pick that up. Essentially this is more don't play the same tactic more than once in the same battle.

    8. This follows on from the last one and is quite difficult to pull off. but when you are dealling with that horrible strong unit the enemy has and is proud of, force it into a situation where it isn't gonna like it. If it has the option of charging your big unit of knights but then getting hit in either flank the next turn, or stay where he is and get charged by two units only instead, or try to manouver his way out of it, it puts him in a mostly lose lose situation. This is one of those strange situations where having a unit of yours take a charge is good, but then think which unit you want this to be. A reliquary would be perfect for this job, men at arms even would be good, and also a big unit of knights might do the job too (though better saved for hammering back.)

    Ok, anyone else with things to add on this? a lot of what I have said is quite general and can be altered for any tactica, anyone with any more specific bretonnian things?


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    I will just say try to horde out your opponent! you know the feeling looking across the table and thinking "how do you fit all that in!".

    remeber hordeing dousnt nessisarily mean lots and lots of units in this case it means lots of different classes of unit I use three classes 1. Main line: knight units 2. support: archer trebs damsels and Bsb 3. flankers: lord pegisi and small unit of errant.

    ok lets cover the unit celection in a (horded) bret army

    a lord on hippogryph (my wildcard works sometimes dousnt others)
    a Bsb with the virtue of duty (cheap effective)
    2 damsels kitted for defence (not so cheap but still efective)

    8 knights errant errantry banner (cheap verry effective)
    8 knights errant (cheap and great when used with the Bs
    8 knights of the realm war banner (moderately cheap moderately effective)
    6 knights errant (quite cheap my skink hunters fanatic magnetts and flankers)
    10 archer braziers (cheap as chips defends flanks with stakes)
    11 archers braziers (dont waste those spare 6pts)

    3 pegisus knights (anouther wild card)

    2 Trebs (fling rocks? awsome!)

    my two pence on army celection
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