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    Wierd Pegasus knights incident

    I was playing in an even today and something came up that seemed rather strange to me.

    One of our opponets flies 3 flying bases into the middle of the battlefield. He tells us that they are Pegasus Knights and I ask him if they are skirmishers because they are not ranked up. He tells me that they move like skirmishers. I ask if they have 360 LoS like skirmishers and he tells me "no, they just move like skirmishers."

    My turn comes and I fly my sorcerer around some ruins and lands about 15 inches to the right of the kights. I proceed to blow away some knights with magic.

    His turn rolls around and he declares a charge on my Sorc with the Pegasus Knights. I tell him he can't do that because he needs LoS. He tells me that since his knights move they skirmishers, he had them facing in different directions(one to the left, one toward our main force, and one to the right), so he had LoS in each direction. This sounded like utter BS to me, but I let it go since I did not want to cause much fuss in an already working toward hectic 4vs4 event.

    Can you really do that? I guess, I wouldn't be so annoyed if he had used the models to show that and not just the bases(which were not marked in any way to show facing), but it does not seem right to me.

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    they are skirmishing CAV it means they move like skirmishers and have 360 line on sight they dont benefit from the -1 to hit a skirmisher as they are unit strenth 2 each.

    So your opponent was nieve of the rules but what he did wasnt illegal. Next time you see him mention it and exsplain it to him properly.
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