The Rude Awakening from 40k - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    The Rude Awakening from 40k


    Im usually on the 40k forums, but recently with my local gaming club everyone has shifted to fantasy so being caught in the migration i have decided to play Bretonnians. I love the look of them. As well as the special rules for their cavalry. Now i have a problem. Being a 40k player since i started playing, the first time i played a fantasy game, i got completely rocked.

    I am asking the Bretonnian players out there how one "plays" Brets. Im not asking for a tactica for an army list. But rather how a more expericened player would set up certain flank charges or any "moves" people often use.


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    big advantages of bretts are that they get free champions in every knight unit, and the lance formation, giving ranks.

    I dont know if you have allready read the rules for brett (especially about lance formations),
    what works well is to charge with several knight units at once, so that you have a whole lot of men fighting.
    2 units of only 6 knights would give 12 attacks and 10 horse attacks!

    Never leave home without some wizards even if you just bring them to dispel your foe's spells.
    And one or two fast units to do work on flanks is very effective, it is more effective in fantasy then in 40K. Mounted Yeomen or Pegasi in particular.

    this stuff is all from the tactica forum though.. Check out Bretlord's tactica thread!
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    Cheers digger, was gonna point MEQkiller there as well. (as a side track will try and work on the next section of that soon)

    The important tactics with brets is much as has been said, try and get the charge with more than one unit at once. Pegasus knights are brilliant for getting in on flanks and rears of units - and flanks are better than rears(will be in the next tactica part why) as well as flanks being easier to do.

    Static combat res is also a big basic thing for bretonnians, you need to stack the odds in your favour for each combat. You can do this easier with brets than most because most of your army is a lot quicker than theirs. You then use what peasantry you have to distract other aspects of the enemy. I am really starting to swear by having units of m@A in my army now, played 3 test games over the weekend against myself, all against deamons, lost the one without any men at arms, massacred the others.


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