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    painting question

    Hey guys quick question as i have some bretts comming my way.
    I plan on trying to use mainly the old plastic knights models but i'll need to identify my units mainly through paint scheme and little conversions. How do you guys do this? I have played brettonians once before and i know his units all look the same so it's really confusing for his opponents to tell them apart.
    I was thinking

    knights errant as all mixed heraldy but all armour silver
    knights of the realm as mixed heraldry but armour has some gold/bronze
    questing knights maybe in a uniform heraldry like a knightly order that set out on a quest
    grail knights probably just sculpt a fancy banner that will identiy that unit (freehand a grail onto it or something)

    thoughts? ideas? Can i do units all in similar heraldry to tell them apart or is it too frowned apon?

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    Ok, a good question,

    Firstly I tend not to have too much difficulty telling my knight units appart, but that is mostly because I have used the newer kits and can add a bit more individuality.

    However I do use some painting tricks to try to help identify them. all my heraldry is made up with 5 different colours, one of three 'colours' blue red or black, and one of two 'metals' white or yellow. With mine I have one unifying metalic colour in the heraldry, so Knights errant is yellow and Knights of the realm are white. Also I have no icons on the errants, where as the Realms will do.

    Questing knights are usually pretty easy to tell appart, since they have great weapons. The models from GW are distinctive, and if you convert your own then they usually look really individual as well.

    And then for grail knights, which I am converting from plastics as well, (haven't done this yet, don't use em often) they all get Cloaks, a good amount of grail icons on them, and in terms of painting, they will get two basic colours and a metal colour, plus all the other bits to make them stand out.

    The armour idea does sound good, but there it just might slightly too subtle to indentifying them.

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    I have seen players do knights errant without heraldry, as they are still in training, (
    they still have to earn their stripes)
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