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    3000 All Commers list


    Lord (general): Shield, Grail Vow, BardedWarhorse, Virtue of Confidence, Birth-Sword, Gromril Helm, Gauntlet.

    Green Knight

    Paladin (BSB : Grail Vow, Barded Warhorse, Virtue of Duty, Banner of the Lady

    Paladin: Shield, Lance, Barded Warhorse, Virtue of the Joust, Cuirass of Fortune

    Damsel: Warhorse, Despell Scroll x2

    Damsel: Warhorse, Despell Scroll x2


    KotR (8 ): FC

    KotR (8 ): FC

    KE (11): FC

    KE (12): FC, Erranty Banner

    Bowmen (10 )
    points 60

    Bowmen (10 )

    Bowmen (15): Musician. Skirmish


    Mounted Yeomen (5): Musician, Shields

    Pegasus Knights (3)


    Grail Knights (7): FC, Banner of Defence


    Total: 2999

    My Strategy is to use the Green Knight and the Pegasus Knights to hunt down warmachines and lone wizards. While Peasants units divert and annoy large blocks of infantry and Fast cavalry. As for the Grail Knights and KE are the spearhead with Realm Serving as Flankers

    My concern is that I only got 4 dispell dice and scrolls, so against a magic heavy list I'll be in real trouble more so to Vampires and Daemons.

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