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    Getting the fluff right...


    I am currently in the process of planning and collecting a Bretonnian army. There are 2 vital characteristics I would like the army to have.

    1 is quite simply to have it look like an army from the 1200s. This means no Pegasus Knights and proportionatly more peasants and men at arms than knights.

    The other characteristic is that it still needs to fit in with Bretonnian fluff and here is my Dilema.

    Knights Errant are trying to become Knights of the Realm.
    Knights of the Realm are land owners that defend the realm.
    Questing Knights are Knights of the Realm that have left thier land to search for the Grail.
    Grail Knights are Questing Knights that have found the Grail and now spend time protecting sacred sites.

    Surely that logic implies that Grail Knights and Knights of the Realm wouldn't be seen in the same army as Questing Knights?

    You would either have an army supporting Questing Knights on thier travels with some Knights Errant or you would have Knights of the Realm defending thier land with Knights errant and maybe Grail Knights if a sacred place was Threatened.

    The only plausable solution is to say that the questing knights came to a predetermined battle or were simply passing through...

    Do I have all that right?

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    Well... I can't see why they can't all get along, to be honest. You always have the generic call to arms excuse - The Empire has requested brave and loyal soldiers to fight off an invasion of (insert race here) and the Bretonnians have answered the call. Although that may raise issue with Grail Knights - they wouldn't necessarily be wandering off unless the circumstances were quite dire. In a 'fighting on home turf' situation - Having the Knights Errant and Knights of the Realm there are obvious - they're defending their lands. Perhaps, on the lands under threat, though, there just happens to be some Grail Knights protecting their Grail - and they'll of course lend a few Knights to ensure victory. And then you can just say the Questing Knights just happened to be passing through, as you said. Maybe they'd stopped over for the night, or are searching for maps or clues in one of the Lord's libraries, or just resting their horses or something. Perhaps they can't continue on until the opposing army that happens to be in their way is defeated, so they may as well lend their arms to the conflict rather than sit idle. It shouldn't be too difficult to justify having them all in there, so go for it! Sounds like it will make a good looking army when it's all done. EDIT: Sorry about the wall of text, I can't seem to get my line breaks to stay where I want them at the moment...
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