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    General questions about the Brets

    Hello fellow Bretonnian players,

    I have a few quick questions regarding the Bretonnian Army before I go out and buy a bunch of knights lol. First, I am looking for a tactically challenging army, but I am also not looking for a one trick pony (no pun intended with an army full of knights). Will a Bretonnian army offer this to a general looking to be challenged? Also, is there more than just one way to win with the Bretonnians? I like the more tactically flexible armies and compositions. In addition, is now a good time to be starting Bretonnians? will I be able to collect a Bretonnian force and not worry about my army composition being outdated by an Army book? I am also very fond of the Pegasus Knights. I love the models. Are they a viable option in 8th edition? Or did the Pegasus Knights get the nerf stick to not be a viable option? Ok, last two questions, I promise lol. On the painting front, would it be reasonable to paint my Bretonnian force with a more coherent color scheme, instead of the circus look that I normally see due to each knight having their own individual coat of arms? If so, would this deviate away from the fluff too much? Lastly(ok maybe three questions), If i decided to field a balanced list, would the model count be high, medium,or more towards the low end. Ok, Thank you everyone who decided to post responses to my questions, It is much, much, much appreciated on this side of the table!!!! One last thing, sorry, is the Bretonnian army a common army, do you see it getting fielded more than what you would like?



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    Well from what i hear from other players, Brets are played by enough players. But as far as i know im the only guy with a serious Bret army around here. Havent seen other brets in local tournaments at all.

    Here's my thoughts on it:

    1. Brets are tactically challenging yes, i find them quite difficult to play on the table. It's hard to maneuver the lance formations together and break lines without splitting up too much.
    2. Flexible: I think there are 3 viable tactics, but 8 has only been out for a month.
    There are the infantry forces, with minimal lance backing up. including bowmen, men at arms,, trebuchets and Battle Pilgrims.
    There are full cavalry armies, these are the one-trick ponies that we were in 7nth edition
    There's the pegasus army. I'm not so familliar with these. The pegasus seems too expensive to me to bring more than a small unit.. And flying characters can still not join pegasus units.

    3. Time: Starting Brets now is not a bad moment. It will be at least a year before a new bret book will be on the schedule, GW is working hard on the Main boxed set and alot of Ogre Kingdoms and Tomb Kings models are being worked on "in secret"... There are also O&G rumors, with alot of finished new models awaiting release. Thats at least 3 books before Brets.
    4. Pegasi are nice. They have become a bit better, the Stomp rule makes a huge bonus for guys with not too many attacks. I would say they are extremely good hunters.
    5.Painting: I dont like the ciircus themes either... Just dont tell anybody, cus theyll tell you your not a real brett..
    Mine are painted in one theme colour yet they all have some small mark, no matter what theme you get, chances are all your knights end up looking different anyway..
    6. Model count: Brets have less than horde armies, cavalry is quite expensive. Going with only a few tough knights is a tactic that doesnt fit brets, because then you'r just a lesser Warriors of Chaos army. (except maybe the pegasi list)
    We need decent numbers to prevent outflanking and to set up supporting charges.
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    Digger always gets it right! And although we are in need of a new book, we had some of our units get a boost (Trebuchet, Bowmen, Pegasus Knights, etc.), but our main tactic of loading up with knights and charging in has to change in 8th - that's where the real tactical generalship will come into play.

    I really love the modelling and paintig aspect of our game and I have done all of my peasants in a uniform color and a large unit of knights all with the same color scheme - I call them my Knights of the King. The other units are various colors and I do like a little variety, but I will have to admit the large portion of the army in the Blue and Gold (my main color scheme) really looks the best. So, I have to say if you make all of your units in the same color scheme you can come up with some fluff to back it up and it will be great. Maybe not exact carbon copies of each other, but very close. My fluff is the Duke of the neighboring county to the King is a loyal follower to the King and as such, will always get a large contingent of knights from the King to help Lord Berkeley fend off encroachers to his borders.

    Have fun!!

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