Path of the Beast? Or Light - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Path of the Beast? Or Light

    (I meant Lore of Life in the title ) So, I've been playing Brets for awhile now (since the beginning of 7th) and back then I utilized Lore of Beast to make the terrain my ally. Now with 8th edition, magic has become very powerful and Lore of Life is extremely good. Games nowadays, I bestow Lore of Life on most of my Damsels (yes I know each Damsel can't have the same spell). With Lore of Life's earthly powers able to bring back dead knights and wounds on heros, to making Grail knights T7 and Pegasus knights T8, which Lore's do you take? I've been leaning towards Life now as I can bolster my knights and even my peasants. Now I haven't got a chance t use a Prophetess yet, I've never really liked spending a lot of points for her.

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    While I havn't palyed Brits, but am collecting the army now. I like both for differnt reasons.

    Lore of Life is pretty obvious, simply b/c you can heal your knights, hero's, etc...
    Can you heal a knight who is in a challange? Plus give that knight the Virtue of Confidence, Sword of Quests, Guantlets of the Duel andif for whatever reason he gets hurt heal him. Take this Mighty Knight and charge the biggest nastiest thing your opponent has fielded.

    Killing the enemy general ( beside game effects) also has a big Out of Game Pyschological effect, both in 40k and Fantasy. When peopl lose thier HQ or Lord, they get the Oh shit look on their face, espically if you kill them early. Again this is all assuming your knight can be healed while fighting a challange.

    Lore of beast. Put a level 4 damsel with a horde of men at arms on foot, when the enemy gets close, change into the Dragon (or Hipposgriff) and tear them up. Especailly if they are using some elite unit.

    On that note, anybody have any recommendations for which model would best represnt this? HE Dragon? Horned Dragon? etc...?
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