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    The Lady Blessed me!

    Hi! Some friends of mine played a 1250 tourney yesterday the teams were:
    Bret, Empire, Dark Elf, Wood Elf

    Just wanted to recant my experience vs Empire.

    Bret List (Me)

    Damsel Lvl 2 (Life)
    9x KErrant- Errantry Banner, FC
    7x KotR- FC
    9x KotR- FC
    20x Bowmen- Braziers
    20x Bowmen- Braziers

    Empire List
    Wizard- Lvl 4 (Metal)
    Warrior Priest (W/ Greatswords)
    BSB- (W/ Knights)
    30x Swordsmen- Std B
    25x Greatswords
    5x Core Knights

    I prayed first turn, he moved up around 8" with everything and fired with his Cannon at a Treb, which fell short. His mortar hit and killed 4 bowmen out of the 15 strong group, they failed LD test and ran off board. My Turn I mostly sat still except the 9KotR went after the Cannon, the 20 Bowmen fired at his 5 Knights and BSB. Out of 20 shots needing 5s to hit I hit with 12, then wounding I got 8/12. He failed two armour saves then promptly failed 2 LD 8 tests and fled of board. Great start! I then shot both Trebs at his swordsmen. Both hit the first one killed 11 the second 9. That left him with 10 swordsmen and the Lvl4.

    Second Turn: Empire moved up with GS shot the cannon at the charging knights killing 1. His mortar scattered of target and his Lvl4 Wizard blasted my Paladin with 6 hits on the Hound spell. He passed all of the Look out Sir rolls but 5 Knights bit the dust. My Turn.
    I Charged with KotR at his cannon, needing 19" I rolled 18". The bowmen shot at the GS killing 2, both Trebs also launched rocks at them, both hitting again killing around 14.

    Third Turn:
    His Cannon Grapeshot at my about to be charging KotR killing 4. The Mortar scattered again, and his Wizard ended up killing a further 1 knight with Searing. He moved up closer to my Archers with his GS. My Turn I charged his cannon wiping out the crew and overran close to the mortar. I shot my archers at the GS but missed all of them. The first Treb shot at them hitting again , killing all of them except for 1 GS and the WP. The other Treb lobbed his rock at the Swordsmen. Hitting again and killing all of them except the Lvl 4 Wizard.

    Fourth Turn:
    He ran his mortar away from me. Charged the GS at the Archers, killing with all 3 of his hits and ran them down. He killed the Paladin with the Golden Hounds, and his unit promptly failed their panic test and ran 3" away from the table edge. My Turn I missed with a Treb at the GS (First miss all day!!) The other Treb hit the Wizard but only did 1 wound. I had Charged the Wizard with my KErrant but he fled and they had failed their charge. I did rally the fleeing KotR.

    Fifth Turn:
    He continued to hide his mortar from me by moving around a small piece of impassible terrain. He rallied his Wizard and killed the rest of my rallied Paladins retinue. Charged at my Treb needing a 11" and got a 9". My turn I charged my KErrant at his Wizard again but he fled again. My Treb that had almost been charged shot at the Wizard, hitting and causing 5 wounds wiping him from the face of the earth. (I pictured his wizard skipping away taunting me after killing some of his pursuers until a giant boulder just smashed him into nothingness, made me chuckle) The other Treb shot at the WP, again rolling a hit killing the priest outright and the GS model.

    The game ended next turn with only his mortar surving because of a stupid impassible terrain. Funnest game I have played in 8th edition.

    I went on to beat the WE in the next round. So I ended up tying the Dark Elf for first but had more points so I unoffically won. We were gonna play but instead we wanted to play some 40k.

    Just loved that report as my Trebs went 9/10!!!

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    Hooray!! Brets need love and there is no better way than a good battle report. I really do love the trebs in 8th, too.

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