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    Bowmen of bergerac

    check out my house rules for the bowmen of bergerac, do you think that the points cost is resonable?

    The Bowmen Of Bergerac………………………………………………170pts

    For Hire: The following armies may hire Bertrand the Brigand and the Bowmen of Bergerac as a Rare choice: Empire, Dwarfs, High Elves, Wood Elves, Dogs of War, Hordes of Chaos and Bretonnians.
    Points: Bertrand plus nine Brigands including Hugo le Petit and Gui le Gros, cost a total of 170 points. This is the minimum unit you can hire. Additional Brigands may be increased at a cost of +9 points per additional model, up to a maximum unit size of 20.
    M WS BS S T W I A Ld
    Bertrand 4 4 5 4 4 2 4 2 9
    Hugo le Petit 4 3 4 5 4 2 3 1 8
    Gui le Gros 4 2 4 3 3 1 3 1 7
    Brigand 4 2 4 3 3 1 3 1 7

    Equipment: Hand weapons, longbows. Hugo le Petit carries his quarterstaff, which counts as a great weapon. Bertrand carries the Black Arrow.

    Armour Save: 4+


    Bertrand: If Bertrand fails to hit with his bow, he may re-roll.

    Heroic Companions: Hugo le Petit and Gui le Gros are both treated as champions, and may therefore accept and decline challenges as normal.

    Hugo le Petit: Hugo le Petit is Betrand's right hand man and trusted lieutenant. Hugo is an imposing man who carries a stout oak quarterstaff and a massive longbow into battle.

    When he fires his longbow, it hits at a strength of 5. His quarterstaff counts as a great weapon.

    Gui le Gros: Gui le Gros was the monk in charge of sweeping the Grail chapel of Bergerac. He now serves as Bertrand's spiritual advisor. He carries around a cask of stolen sacramental wine, which he shares amongst the men if they start to look shaky on their feet.

    Once per game, at the beginning of the turn, Gui le Gros may share out his wine. For the remainder of the game the Bowmen, including Betrand, Gui and Hugo, are immune to panic. However, they suffer a -1 to hit when shooting for the remainder of the game as well. If Gui le Gros is slain then the cask of stolen wine is assumed to be broken and lost. If it has not been used yet, then it may not be used this battle.

    Damsel: To represent Bertrand’s wife, you may take 1 damsel at the usual cost.

    Brigands: As bandits, they rely on stealth and the ability to maneuver easily through dense terrain. Therefore, the entire unit can choose to skirmish and have the ability to scout.


    the Black Arrow: The Black Arrow is tipped with a Dragon's tooth and has black feather flights from a carrion crow. Bertrand used it to slay the Great Flapping Monster with a single shot.

    One use only. Wounds automatically, no armour save.

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    I dont have the book handy but it looks alot like the breakdown from the 5th ed book.

    You have Hugo stated as hero stats. He might be a big guy but S5 in shooting and S7 in combat is a bit much for 170pts unit with 2 heros and 8 BS4 bowmen. Plus, skirimsh and scout for that same unit. Now you can get 2 heros within charge range of warmachines, shooters, single and models before the games starts for 170.

    I suggest dropping some stats and rules and maybe boosting the cost a bit to even out.

    I cant wait for GW to bring this gang back next year, fingers crossed.

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    I like the idea and regiment. As Daniel mentioned the unit may have too many special rules, scout, skirmish and S7 makes it a bit harsh i guess

    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel Evans View Post
    Damsel: To represent Bertrand’s wife, you may take 1 damsel at the usual cost.
    so.. a damsel can join the unit when it scouts? or is this just fluff? I see potential, maybe a more expensive damsel that can buff the entire unit or so?
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