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    Game Scenerios'House Setups

    So my friend and I have now played through each of the 6 scenerios in the rulebook and found most of them lacking in excitement. Blood and Glory was my favorite as a Bret player and he liked Watchtower as Empire.

    I was wondering if anyone has a good customer scenerio they like to run? I was most disappointed in Battle for the Pass as I was thinking it would be a much tighter/narrower game field. I imagined something like the battle in 300, where the Spartan's hold off the Persians in a tight and narrow area.

    So any thoughts/suggestions?

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    I'm (we) not really creative with alternative scenarios, but i really really love the Blood and Glory scenario. I think people complaining about them being unbalanced would have less issues if they just keep account for them while making an armylist.

    There was 1 scenario where your armygeneral is the only guy who can give new orders and units will have to wait for a signal or else they keep on doing whatever they were.

    40K has some scenarios (i havent played the past few editions so i dont know the new ones) I remember one where it's night time and units only have 6" range sight, or 12"with flashlights and stuff

    an older thread in scenarios thread someone tried making rules for a tabletop where the entire battletop is dense woodlands, and open terrain is a terrainpiece xD
    anyway, have a look in the Campaign section!

    I'm sure there are some pretty cool ideas floating around though >.<
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    I have always copied the scenarios out of the previous rulebooks and inserted them into the new books with notes on how to make them a little more balanced for that edition. I have scenarios going as far back as 6th edition (my 5th ed book and anything previous was destroyed in a flood). I also have the scenarios from the backs of several 6th ed. armybooks. I would suggest trying to round up a few of these.

    I also kept some of the scenarios from local tournaments, where the organizers like to take creative license and provide some interesting challenges.

    Remember also that there are more than just 6 standard scenarios in the big rulebook, there are rules for at least 2 housegames that the designers played, one of which is the invasion of Ulthuan, another is the siege of Voganhoff, and I believe they provide rules for the 3-way narrative battle focused on capturing several warpstone tokens.

    The best scenarios are usually variations on the standard ones. For example, my friends and I have often placed 5 objectives on the field rather than the standard Wizard Tower. Rather than deploy a unit in an objective, it simply falls to the players to grab as many as they can within the 6 turn limit. We usually run 1 in each deployment zone, which the player can place as part of his deployment, and then 3 along the center, equally spaced and placed after all terrain and sides have been chosen.

    We've made use of the Night Fight and/or "Dawn and Dusk" rules from 40k, where turns 1 and 6, or all 6 turns, are played under the Night Fighting rules (units can only see 2D6 inches to declare charges and shoot).

    Adding in "environmental effects" can be great fun as well. Sure, there are tons of fun rules for terrain already provided, but I've seen banks of magical fog, herds of roving squigs, a battlefield that is steadily flooding or sinking into the ocean, as well as battles fought in torrential rain, heat, blizzards, or meteor showers.


    Two scenarios which my friends and I have played just for fun are:

    Capture the Flag-
    There are generally 1 or 2 flags on the table. Units which are carrying the flag have +D3 Combat resolution, and have either Regen 5+, or suffer D6 S3 hits each round (determined at the start of the game). Units drop the flag if they Flee or Panic, or are destroyed in close combat. Flags can be "handed off" to friendly units within 2 inches. There are 3 variations of this game type:

    -Neutral Flag: there is 1 flag in the center of the map which must be captured and returned either to your DZ, or carried to your opponent's DZ (decided at the start of the game).
    -Old Fashioned Flag: each team starts with a flag that must either be defended, or delivered to score points (decided at the start of the game)
    -CTF 'Minor': There are no flags. Instead, banners which are captured from enemy units are carried by their captors instead of simply noted as captured. Instead of the above bonuses, these flags only confer +1CR to the unit holding them, but all enemy units will Hate this unit in close combat. Captured flags are worth 100vp at the end of the game. If they are dropped, the banner is lost for good, however if the unit is defeated in combat, the enemy may recapture their banner (as well as taking the defeated unit's banner, if they had one) This is a good 'sub objective' to add to another scenario, especially Blood and Glory

    The second scenario that we play is a bit more involved, more time consuming, and lots of fun.

    -When the Levee Breaks-
    This battle represents a fierce drive deep into enemy territory. Be careful not to over exert your army too far- you need to not only take the ground, but also hold it against determined enemy counter attacks.
    We play this battle with either 'Pitched Battle' or 'Dawn Attack' deployment, and then usually use the "Dusk and Dawn" rules from 40k. Turns 1-2 and 9+ are played under night fighting rules.

    Mission Special Rule- Rolling Battlefield
    To represent a deep drive into enemy territory, new terrain is opened up along the battlefield. Think of the tabletop as a conveyor belt- as your army presses forward, the table moves along beneath them.
    At the end of turn 3, and every 3rd turn after that, determine which army has more units across the mid-line of the battlefield. The battle then shifts 1' towards their DZ. Move all units (friend and foe) and terrain 1' towards the board edge which that army deployed from. Any friendly units which are removed this way will reenter play on the next turn just as if they had pursued a foe off the table (even warmachines). Enemy units removed this way are destroyed.
    This shift will leave a fresh 1' of table open on the opponent's board edge. Both players will take turns placing D3 pieces of terrain in this space, starting with the player who deployed on that edge. That player then places an amount of destroyed regiments from their army list on the table, corresponding to the chart below. These regiments cannot be characters, and may not have any options of magical items or banners that they might normally be allowed. Calculate the unit's victory point values immediately.

    Deployment chart:
    Turn 3: D3 units
    Turn 6: D6 units
    Turn 9: D6+D3 units

    Random Game Length:
    At the end of turn 6, roll a D6. On the roll of a 2+, the game will continue for an additional turn. Roll at the end of each following turn, subtracting 1 from the dice roll (turn 7 the game will end on a 3+, 8 the game will end on a 4+ etc). The game will continue for no more than 12 turns.

    Victory Points:
    Victory points are calculated as normal, in addition, each time the table shifts towards your deployment zone, you are granted an additional 250pts.


    I hope this information is enough to get your started out, and gives you some ideas of new scenarios to try out.
    Pts Values for AoS here!

    Nippon Armybook: Isuu, Scribd, and free at Google Docs

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