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    New to WH and Brets


    I've been painting miniatures for my PnP games for a while now and have always been interested in picking up a Warhammer army. I came across a hobby shop that was going out of business and bought up all of what they had for Brets. Over the last year I have picked up a couple of other units that I thought looked cool. I'm at the starting to assemble stage and I'm realizing that there are many optional bits. So this leads to my first question, do they have to be built in a certain way? For example, can I give all my knights lances and call it a day. Or will I end up changing them to something else later on? I rather build them in the correct manner the first time.

    I currently have:

    1 x Bret battalion box, which contains:
    8 Knights of Bret
    16 Bowman unit
    12 Men of arms
    3 Pegasus Knights

    1 x Bret Lord w/lance(Blister pack)
    2 x Damsels mounted(Blister pack)
    2 x Damsels on foot
    1 x Battle Standard bearer mounted (Blisterpack)
    6 x Bowman (Loose)
    5 x Grail Knight (box)
    8 x Knights of Bret (box)
    8 x Knights of Bret (box)
    1 x Green Knight
    I have the Bret rule book, but not the Core ruleset, I figured I would buy that once my army was painted.

    Is there something I am missing that I should have, or that is highly recommended?

    Also I would like to get to a 2200 point army, since that what my local gamer con tournament requires. Any suggestions?

    Almost forgot, I have one loose guy, he's mounted and has a horn, I'm not sure what he is. here's a picture of him:

    Thanks in advance all,

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    Welcome to the Realm,

    First of all, you pictured knight is the old Grail Knight musician,

    Second, when building a list for any WHF army, take into consideration of the strengths of the rulebook, magic and Ranks. My suggestion, always take a lv 4 Prophetess with Life and maxed out Knight units i.e 15 Knights of the Realm or Knight Errants. The Prophetess is good defensive magic espsically with the feedback scroll and sliver mirror combo. And maxed out knight units can possible negate enemy ranks with the kills from the charge.

    I noticed no Trebuchets in your collection. One of the best war machines for its points, even if you make one put one in your list.

    The best thing that Brets got going for them is there charge so as long as you protect that and dont let anyone take it away any list you build with what you got should do just fine. Alot of the non-knight units in our list are to do just that, protect knights.

    I hope this helps. Good Luck and Welcome.

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    Get a treb, maybe two. Make them to save money, search the forum for some good examples. Use Basal wood.

    Gets some more M@A for a tarpit.

    Knights look good, that is 3 units of 8 with lords, bsb, and wiz in each.

    If you have the cash, i recommend a Grail Reliqaue, if not just load up on M@A, enough for a horde of 40 i would say.

    Other than that looking real good.
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