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Thread: Empire knights?

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    Empire knights?

    I've been wanting to revisit Bretonnians for a while but have always been put off by the very french looking models. I have nothing against the french, I just prefer the image the Empire knights have of being functional and war-like. I would never weigh my horse down with trappings that may get tangled etc, even if it was an incredibly strong horse as all Bretonnian warhorses are.

    Anyway, I thought it might be possible to build a Bretonnian army using a mixture of Bretonnian and Empire kits? I'm terrible with greenstuff (can fill gaps and thats it!) so everything I use would have to be a part from a sprue. I also hate using metal models as they seem to break in transport more often for me, so converting characters would be essential.

    Thoughts so far:

    Knights Errant: Empire knights with no helmeted heads, perhaps a more basic paint scheme.
    Knights of the Realm: Empire knights with helmeted heads (all with plumes)
    Questing Knights: Empire White Wolf knights, no helmets. Maybe given extra baggage (ideas?)
    Grail Knights: Empire knights with Bretonnian KOR heads and lances (with the pennants on them). More extravagant paint jobs, maybe individual heraldry?
    Trebuchet: Gondor trebuchet with converted M@A crew

    I was thinking I could use Kurt Helborg and Marius Leitdorf as characters and Ludwig Schwarzhelm as a BSB?

    I just don't think its quite customised enough... I ultimately want every unit to be hugely distinct from the other types of knights, and while still retaining the warlike empire knight look be that bit different so when places on the table you wouldn't think 'hey look an empire knight army'.

    Any ideas hugely appreciated I'm really stuck with ideas for pegasus knights too :/

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    The Caparison wouldn't have been just for show. Look at the peg for a good example of the layered effect, which would have been (In real life mind you) at least marginally useful for stopping a piecing weapon, which is the bain of plate (like the empire knights have)

    From reading this though, you seem to have a pretty good start to you mod ideas, please be sure to post your updates.

    As for the any ideas, I'd just be sure to stick to a steel look for errants, maybe some rust . About the same for your KotR
    Add some silvering to your Questing knights, maybe pilfer some of the bags and lunches (random pigeons, etc) from your peasants, or a keg from a dwarf player, so it looks like they're on the road and brought everything they had with them, add a Green stuff bed roll (roll the green stuff flat, cut into a rectangle something like 1/2 inch but 1 - 1 1/2 inch (~1.27 cm by ~2.54 cm/3.8cm) and roll it into a cylinder like a sleeping bag) to the back of the horse.

    As for the Peg, they don't have barding (in game) anyway so you can just use Balthesar Glet (or just his mount)
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